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While I have made every reasonable attempt—and a few unreasonable ones—to make this discography complete, it is probably more realistic to think of it as a good start. For the sake of practicality, this discography focuses on officially released studio recordings; live recordings are included only where there is no studio version by that artist. Exceptions are noted as such. Additions and corrections are always welcome, as are words of unadulterated praise. Please send them . If you have recorded a version of a Leiber & Stoller song and would like us to include it, just let us know. All we ask is that you send us a copy of the recording—preferably in a CD-quality (or better) format—for our archives.

Song titles are listed alphabetically. The original recording is shown first, followed by all other known versions alphabetically by artist. The year indicated is that of the original release. In cases where the recording was released significantly later than it was recorded, both the recording and release years are noted. Dates in italics are a best guess based on limited information.

Eventually, I hope to add columns for label, matrix number, and country of origin, as well as links to pictures, sound files, song lyrics, and places to purchase.

I also hope to be nineteen again. — Peter Stoller

P.S. — Two songs in particular have discographies that are more than a bit shy of completion: “On Broadway,” and (rather ironically) “Hound Dog.” I’m on it, I’m on it…

AFTER TAXES Billy Edd Wheeler (1963)
(Leiber, Wheeler) Cab Calloway (1966)
  Johnny Cash (1978)
  Lonnie Donegan (1965)
ALL IS WELL Johnny Mathis (1960)
ALLEY MUSIC The Sly Fox (Jerry Leiber, vocals; Mike Stoller, piano) (1955)
ALLIGATOR WINE Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (1958)
  Jeff Buckley (2004)
  Deviled Ham (1969)
  The Dynamic Kapers (1964)
  The Fuzztones with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (1984)
  Hector (in French, as “Alligator”) (1964)
  Paul Hosford (2003)
  In-Sex (1969)
  Killionaires (2006)
  Mad Daddys (1989)
  Mutzhi Mambo (2002)
  Omar & The Howlers (1999)
  Patti Palladin & Johnny Thunders (1988)
  Priests (2002)
  The Radiators (2007)
  Salamander Jim (1985)
  Louis Tillet & Charlie Owen (1995)
  Willy Willy & The Voodoo Band (2007)
ALONG CAME JONES The Coasters (1959)
  Patsy Biscoe (2008)
  Hans Blum (aka Henry Valentino, in German, as “…und dann kam Jimmy Jones”) (1959)
  The Coasters (Carl Gardner’s Trip re-recording) (1977)
  Cat Mother & the All Night News Boys (c. 1969)
  Billy Dee (as “Along Came (Too Tall) Jones”) (c. 1975)
  Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (ex-Monkees) (1976)
  Guitar Man (aka Adam Austin) (1996)
  The Hoppettes (’50s At The Hop) (unknown)
  Les Jérolas (in French, as “Jones S’es Montré (Pis Après)”) (1959)
  David “Deacon” Jones (1969)
  George Jones & Johnny Paycheck (1979)
  Paul Jones (ex-Manfred Mann) (1967)
  Key Brothers & The Quivers (in Norwegian, as “Og Så Kom Helgenen Frem”) (1965)
  Jackie Lee & The Raindrops (1959)
  Miss Molly (1990)
  Jacky Noguez (in French, as “Zorro est Arrivé”) (1964)
  The Overlanders (1965)
  Buck Owens (1970)
  The Pilgrims (c.1970)
  The Ramblers (1959)
  The Righteous Brothers (1967)
  Henri Salvador (in French, as “Zorro est Arrivé”) (1964)
  Denny Seyton’s Show-Group (aka Denny Seyton & The Sabres) (c.1964)
  Ray Stevens (1969)
AMAZON MOON Guilherme Vergueiro (1998)
- B -     
BACK DOOR BLUES Jimmy Witherspoon (1953)
BAD BLOOD The Coasters (1961)
  Chanels (1980)
  The Paramounts (1964)
  The Plebs (1964)
  The Raymen (1998)
BAHIA MANHATTAN Nino Tempo (1993)
BAM BALAM The Du Droppers (rec. 1953/rel. 1982)
  Betty & The Bops (in French) (2002)
BAZOOM (I NEED YOUR LOVIN’) The Cheers (1954)
  Les Elgart (1954)
  The Fleetwoods (1962)
  Leiber/Stoller Big Band (1960)
  The Three Belles with Larry Clinton and Orchestra (1955)
  Otis Williams & The Charms (1954)
  Willy Willy & The Voodoo Band (2005)
BEEN DOWN SO LONG Eddie James (1973)
  T-Bone Walker (1973)
BERNIE’S TUNE The Cheers (1954)
(Lyrics: Leiber, Stoller; Music: Miller) Ernie Andrews (1958)
  Buddy Childers Big Band featuring Tierney Sutton (1998)
  Tierney Sutton (2000)
THE BEST THING Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello) Billy Eckstine (1976)
  Philip & Vanessa (1975)
  Vaughn Monroe (1955)
  Christine Albert (1995)
  Albert & Gage (2003)
  William Bolcom & Joan Morris (1978)
  Chainsaw Sprocket Knucklehead Tank (1988)
  The Diamonds (1955)
  Ramblin’ Jimmie Dolan (1955)
  The Four Jacks (c.1955)
  Barry Frank with Jimmy Carroll and Orchestra (1955)
  Graham Blvd (2008)
  Eddie Hill (1955)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band (1960)
  Sherwin Linton (1980)
  Frank Martin with the Prom Orchestra (1955?)
  Vaughn Monroe (1955)
  Ken Otte (c.1955)
  Psyche-A-Billy (2000)
  Sir Reginald & Dover-Als (1964)
  Ross & Rotten (1995)
  Chris Spedding (1993)
  Vince Taylor (1974)
  Édith Piaf (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1956)
  Cible (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1977)
  Angelo Debarre & Ludovic Beier (in instrumental medley, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1998)
  Gilles David Orchestra (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2008)
  Djemila (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1981)
  Fanny (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1991)
  Brigitte Fontaine (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2003)
  Corina Harry (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1999)
  Michel Hermon (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2002)
  Juliette (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1991)
  Juliette Koka (in French and English, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2008)
  Simone Langlois (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2007)
  Jo Lemaire (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1999)
  Norma Loy (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1988)
  Päivi Mäkinen (in Finnish, as “Mies Ja Moottoripyörä”) (1995)
  Mireille Mathieu (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1993)
  Nicoletta (aka Nicole Grisoni) (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1967)
  Florent Pagny (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2003)
  The Party Knights (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2006)
  Frank Pourcel (in French [instrumental?], as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1983)
  Catherine Ribeiro (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1977)
  Rue Rouge (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (2007)
  Michèle Torr (in French, as “L’Homme à la Moto”) (1983)
BLOOD IS REDDER THAN WINE Little Willie Littlefield (1952)
BLUEBERRIES The Cheers (1954)
  Georgia Gibbs  
BLUES FOR ME Eddie Fisher (1957)
BOSSA NOVA BABY Tippie & the Clovers (1963)
  Paul Ansell (c.1999)
  Betty & The Bops (in French, as “Bossa Nova”) (2002)
  Colin Cook (c.1964)
  Cowboys From Outer Space (2003)
  El Vez (parody, as “Cesar Chavez”) (1994)
  The Explosion Rockets (2003)
  Larry Gréco (in French, as “Oui C’est Pour Toi”) (1964)
  Gitte Hænning, Siw Malmkvist & Wencke Myhre (2005)
  Ted Herold, with Orchester Johannes Fehring (in German) (1964)
  Elvis Jander (aka Florentino Fernandez) (in Spanish, as “Amatoma Sexual”) (1997)
  Pierre Lalonde & Donald Lautrec (1964)
  The London Festival Orchestra (cond. Werner Müller) (1977)
  Siw Malmkvist with Boris & The Beat Dogs (in Swedish) (1965)
  Barron Maness (2006)
  Die Missouris (in German) (1963)
  Orange (2004)
  Mike Patto (live DVD) (2001)
  The Pelvis (1997)
  Elvis Presley (1963)
  Bill Ramsey (in German) (1964)
  Tony Ray (1963)
  Mike Redway (1963)
  Ringo (in French, as “Bossa Nova”) (unknown)
  Anne-Lie Rydé (in Swedish) (1992)
  She Is The King (2007)
  Christer Sjögren (2006)
  Rod Stanton (1964)
  The Teen Queens (1992)
  Los Tequila Sharks (2005)
  The Tielman Brothers (rec. 1966/rel. 2005)
  Triple Dynamite (2006)
  The Van-Dells (1978)
  Whistle Bait (2001)
BOSSA NOVA (MY HEART SAID), THE Tippie & The Clovers (1962)
(Leiber, Stoller, Mann, Weill) Nora Brockstedt (in Norwegian, as “Nora’s Bossa Nova”) (1995)
  Irene Reid (1963)
  Anne Murphy with the Kavaliers (unknown)
  Emily Yancy (1965)
BOYS IN THE BAND, THE The Boys in the Band (1970)
  Glass Bottle (1970)
  The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
  The Supernaturals (1998)
BROKEN Patty Andrews (1958)
BROTHER BILL (THE LAST CLEAN SHIRT) The Honeyman (aka Charles “Honeyboy” Otis) (1965)
(Leiber, Stoller, Otis) The Animals (1977)
  The Blue Monday Band (2003)
  Cactus (1970)
  Doug Cox (1999)
  The James Harman Band (1994)
  The Paul James Band (2003)
  The Rockin’ Berries (1965)
  T-Bone Walker (1973)
  Yesterday’s Children (1967)
BULL DOG The Shangri-Las (1965)
BULL TICK WALTZ The Coasters (1962)
- C -     
C’EST LA VIE, CHERIE Bob London (1956)
(Leiber, Stoller, Silbert)    
CAFE ESPRESSO The Leiber/Stoller Orchestra (1962)
  Sam Blok Quartet  
  Gloria Christian  
CANDLE’S BURNIN’ LOW, THE Mel Walker with the Johnny Otis Orchestra (1952)
  Down Home Super Trio (1994)
  Paris Slim (1996)
CASE OF M.J., THE (aka MARY JANE) Peggy Lee (1975)
CHA! BULL! (THE CROWD) David Hill & His Men (1958)
  Bert Kaempfert  
CHARLIE BROWN The Coasters (1959)
  4 Ever Young (c. 2003)
  4M (in Croatian, as “Mali Brown”) (1962)
  Chet Atkins (1967)
  Big Ernie (1964)
  Hans Blum (aka Henry Valentino, in German, as “Charly Brown”) (1959)
  Bernard Bresslaw (1959)
  Big Wheelie And The Hubcaps (1972)
  Charm City Sound (as “Mr. Paul”) (2006)
  Chas & Dave (as part of medley) (2003)
  The Chordettes (1959)
  The Coasters (Carl Gardner’s Trip re-recording) (1977)
  The Compton Brothers (1970)
  The Cool Cats (1964?)
  Dick Dynamite And His Hot Lips (in Finnish) (1974)
  Virtanen Eino (in Finnish) (1959)
  The Ray Ellington Quartet (1959)
  The Gaylords (in Italian) (1961)
  Graham Blvd. (2008)
  The Cornell Gunter Coasters (rec. 1969/rel.1992)
  Harri Heister und Die Gelbstrahler (in German, as “Charly Brown”) (1998)
  The Hit Crew (2004)
  Honey Twins (in German) (1959)
  Leon Hughes And The Coasters (rel. 2005)
  Paul Jones (1967)
  Randy Kaplan (2008)
  The Kim Sisters (1964)
  The Kingtones (1980)
  Peter Kraus und die Rockies (as “Charly Brown”) (c.1959)
  James Last (as part of medley) (1998)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band (1960)
  The Lettermen (as part of medley) (1963)
  The Longines Symphonette (unknown)
  Kenny Lynch (live DVD) (2001)
  Eddy Mitchell (in French, as “C’est Charlie Brown”) (1977)
  Moonlighters (c. 1959)
  Sandy Nelson (instrumental) (1963)
  The No-Names (1964)
  The Orlons (1962)
  Buck Owens & his Buckaroos (1965)
  Pilade (aka Lorenzo Pilat, in Italian) (1965)
  The Promineers (c. 1959)
  Boots Randolph (instrumental) (1960)
  Red Sauce (instrumental) (2006)
  The Ribitones (medley w/”Yakety Yak”) (c.1980)
  Rudolf Rock und die Shocker (in German, as “Charly Brown”) (unknown)
  Janosch Rosenberg (in German, as “Charly Brown) (1974)
  The Runners with Ed Cee and Orchestra (1959)
  The Saville Brothers with Jacques LeRoy (1959)
  Dean Scott and the Deja Boomers (parody lyric, as “Grandpa Bud”) (2006)
  Rannikko Seppo (1976)
  Sha Na Na (1981)
  Sky High & The Mau Mau (2007)
  Lonnie Smith (instrumental) (1969)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Melvin Sparks (instrumental) (2004)
  Hugo Strasser und sein Tanzorchester (unknown)
  Jimmy Sturr (2004)
  Three Men And A Tenor (2003)
  Ike Turner & His Rhythm Kings (St. Louis’ Party Time TV show w/George Edicks) (1959)
  Henry Valentino und Paul Bistes Rag-Time Band (in German, as “Charly Brown”) (1974)
  Voodoo Glow Skulls (1995)
  John Warrington (instrumental) (2008)
CHICKEN The Cheers (1955)
(Leiber, Stoller, Rollins)    
  Joe Turner, Milt Jackson & Roy Eldridge  
  The Bats (1965)
  Bob Beach (unknown)
  Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts (1998)
  Big Boy Bloater and his Southside Stompers (1998)
  Big Daddy G (2000)
  Black Slacks (c. 1990)
  Blues Plus (2002)
  The Bus Stop Boys (1997)
  The Chevy Cats (1990)
  Daddy’s Rebels (1995)
  The Jive Giants (1998)
  The Kid And Nic Show (1999)
  Steve Lawrence (1956)
  Melody Anne’s Swing Experience featuring Sonny Lewis (2006)
  The Nighthawks (1991)
  Ricky Norton (2006)
  Cousin Joe Pleasant (1972)
  Tommy Sands (1958)
  Jesse Scinto & The Dignitaries (2001)
  The Slammers Maximum Jive Band (2007)
  Helge Tallqvist & Deep Blue Divers (1995)
  The Vipers (2000)
  George Whitesell & His All Stars featuring Jill Watkins (2007)
CLIMB, THE The Coasters (1962)
  Jean Claudric et son Orchestre (1963)
  Duane Eddy (1963)
  Forte Four (soundtrack, Viva Las Vegas) (1964)
  The Federals (1964)
  Paul Harris (c. 1963)
  Jackie Kern (1963)
  Big Jones (La Contrabasse Humaine) (in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
  Danny Boy (aka Claude Piron, in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
  Claire Ferval as (in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
  Jacques Hendrix et son Orchestre (in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
  Eddy Louiss (in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
  Johnny Taylor et les Strangers (in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
  Chris Valois avec Jacques Loussier et son Orchestre (in French, as “Le Climb”) (1963)
COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER Willy & Ruth (1954)
  The Delltones (1963)
  Frank Driggs(?) (1954)
  The Four Coins (1961)
  Hank Penny & Sue Thompson (1954)
CONSTANT SURPRISE Guilherme Vergueiro (1998)
CORDELIA Willy & Ruth (1954)
CORN WHISKEY Jimmy Witherspoon (1952)
- D -     
D.W. WASHBURN The Monkees (1968)
  The Coasters (1968)
  The Hutch Davie Calliope Band, feat. L. David Stone (instrumental) (1969)
  Mike Dowling (1996)
  Jalopy Five (c. 1969)
  Frank Scott (1968)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Dick Watson (piano roll) (1968)
DANCE! The Coasters (1958)
DANCE WITH ME The Drifters (1959)
(Leiber, Stoller, Lebish, Treadwell, Nahan) José “El Canario” Alberto (1991)
  Gina V. D’Orio & Like A Tim (2004)
  Alexander Goebel (2007)
  Englebert Humperdinck (2005)
  Intrigue (1996)
  Rick James (as medley with “This Magic Moment”) (1989)
  The Kestrels (1963)
  Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (1963)
  Billy Lewis’ Nu Drifters (2006)
  The Persuasions (1973)
  Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1998)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Carla Thomas (1961)
  Tuck & Patti (1998)
  Jerry Williams (1996)
DANCIN’ Perry Como (1957)
DANCIN’ JONES Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello) Nicolette Larson (1975)
  The Neville Brothers (1988)
  Philip & Vanessa (1975)
  R & J Stone (1976)
DESTINATION LOVE Wynonie Harris (1956)
  The Four Coins (1956)
  Lynn Morris (1999)
  Mos Def (2004)
  Jesse Scinto & The Dignitaries (2001)
  The Solstice Sisters (2008)
DIRTY, DIRTY FEELING Elvis Presley (1960)
  Steinar Albrigtsen & The Blue Cats (2006)
  Betty & The Bops (in French, as “Si Seulement”) (2000)
  Les Chaussettes Noires featuring Eddy Mitchell (in French, as “Si Seulement”) (1961)
  Wojciech Gąssowski (1988)
  Tom Green (2006)
  Martin Hentschel (2004)
  Carina “Kina” Jaarnek (2005)
  Anders Johansson & Jakob Hydén (2000)
  The King Normals (1995)
  Kingsize (2008)
  Lonnie Lee (1961)
  Deke Leonard (rec. 1978/rel. 2005)
  The Rascals (1996)
  Ruthie & The Wranglers (1996)
DO YOUR OWN THING Brook Benton (1968)
  Mike Clifford (c. 1968)
DON JUAN La Vern Baker (1961)
  Peggy Lee (2005)
  Tia Riebling (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (2002)
  Smokey Joe’s Cafe Cast Album (1995)
DON’T Elvis Presley (1958)
  Agents & Jorma Kääriäinen (in Finnish, as “(Ethän Sano) Ei”) (1997)
  The Benedictine Chimes of Westminster (1994)
  Graham Bonnet (1991)
  Hank Burns (instrumental) (1977)
  Will Brandes (in German, as “Komm”) (c. 1958)
  Lisa Nicole Carson (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  Cyrus Chestnut (Instrumental) (2007)
  Doug Church (2003)
  Cosmo Alpha (as part of medley) (1994)
  Johnny Devlin with the Dare-Devils and the Bradley Sisters (1961)
  Johnny Earle (soundtrack, Private Elvis, w/The Jordanaires) (1999)
  Shaky Everett (2001)
  John Fahey (instrumental) (1992)
  Emile Ford & The Checkmates (1961)
  David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) (live DVD) (2001); (2005)
  Hep Stars (pre-ABBA) (1966)
  Peter Hofmann (1992)
  Ross Holmes unknown
  Matti Hyvönen (in Finnish, as “Et Saa”) (1967)
  Chuck Jackson (1967)
  Reid Jamieson (2007)
  Jack Jersey (aka Jack de Nijs) (1979)
  Seu Jorge (2004)
  Jorma Kääriäinen (in Finnish, as “Ethän Sano Ei”) (1997)
  Kelly Unknown
  Ebony Keyes (1967)
  The Daniel Küffer Quartet (instrumental) (2000)
  Albert Lee and Hogan’s Heroes (2006)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band (1960)
  Pekka Loukiala (1977)
  The Johnny Mann Singers (1961)
  Ronnie McDowell (1997)
  Don McLean (1986)
  Bill Medley (1991)
  The Memorial Chorale & Symphonette (1997)
  Mina (1974)
  Scotty Moore (1964)
  Hal Munro (1958)
  The Persuasions (2003)
  Bernadette Peters (1981)
  Sandy Posey (1973)
  Hank Prichard (2004)
  P.J. Proby (1997)
  The Residents (2004)
  Cliff Richard (1967)
  Don Rondo (1957)
  Timo Silvennoinen (1978)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  Christer Sjögren (2006)
  TPH (2002)
  Link Wray (1979)
DOWN HOME GIRL Alvin Robinson (1964)
(Leiber, Butler) The Ad-Libs (as “I’m Just A Down Home Girl”) (1965)
  Nic Armstrong & The Thieves (2003)
  The Astronauts (1965)
  Big Daddy O (2001)
  Bigfoot Bob & The Toe Tappers (2008)
  Ronnie Bird (in French, as “Pour Être à Toi”) (1965)
  Bluebirds (2004)
  Rock Bottom & Ben Waters (2001)
  Fiona Boyes (as “Down Home Gal”) (2003)
  The Breadmakers (2002)
  Beth Brown (unknown)
  The Bushmen (rec. 1965/rel. 1998)
  The Chimney Brothers (2004)
  The Coasters (1968)
  Deja Blue (unknown)
  Delta Wires (2005)
  The Doughboys (2007)
  The John Dummer Blues Band (rec. 1970) (1995)
  The Entertainers (1965)
  Fat (1976)
  Felder’s Orioles (1965)
  The Fudds (1994)
  Fustukian (1978)
  Earl Green (1996)
  I Barabba (in Italian, as “Non Hai Capito”) (1966)
  The Johnies (c. 1990)
  Mark Karan’s Buds (2005)
  Li’l Georgie & The Shufflin’ Hungarians (1994)
  The Liverbirds (1966)
  Taj Mahal (1993)
  Megawatt Blues Crushers (1996)
  The Mersey Sounds (1967)
  The Mummies (2003)
  Music Express (1976)
  The Mustangs (2002)
  Nazareth (1976)
  Tom Newman (1997)
  Herald Nix (2004)
  Craig Nuttycombe (2004)
  Old Crow Medicine Show (2006)
  Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (2003)
  The Privates (2007)
  The Radiators (1992)
  Roy Rogers (1993) and live (2004)
  The Rolling Stones (1965)
  Cosmo St. Clair (2002)
  Duane Schurb (2006)
  The Spectones (2006)
  Stan the Man Bohemian Blues Band (1998)
  Trent Summar (2003)
  Swingadelic (2005)
  Taylor Grocery Band (2003)
  Troy, Mattacks & Brown (2005)
  Andre Williams (1996)
  Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings (2005)
DOWN IN MEXICO The Coasters (1956)
  The Boston Crabs (1965)
  Carlos & The Bandidos (2003)
  Champ Butler (1956)
  Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts (2003)
  Ronnie Dawson (1994)
  Death Proof Pimps (2008)
  Deja Voodoo (1985)
  Jim Doval & The Gauchos (2007)
  Haywood Gregory (2005)
  Gumbo Ya Ya (1998)
  Kaleidoscope (1990)
  Killer Joe (1991)
  Peter Lamson (1993)
  Manfred Mann (2004)
  Terry Melcher (1976)
  Ella Mae Morse (1956)
  Bobby Short (1958)
  Carl Simmons (1974)
  Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks (1968)
DRAW, THE Sherman & the Teenagers (1961)
DRINKIN’ FOOL Big John Greer (1953)
DRIP DROP The Drifters (1958)
  Fred Bentley & The Jayhawkers unknown
  Charm (1995)
  Dion (1963)
  Wayne Foret (2007)
  Frankie & The Fashions (2001)
  Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin (1995)
  Memory Lane (1999)
  Mint Juleps (1985)
  A Perfect Blend (2001)
  The Persuasions (1970)
  Pichi (in German, as “Null Uhr Zehn”) (1964)
  Bill Pinkney (2004)
  Bill Pinkney’s Orioles (live DVD) (2001)
  Miguel Ríos (as Mike Rios con Los Sonor, in Spanish) (1964)
  Rocky Sharpe & The Razors (1976)
  Touch-Me-Nots (2007)
  U.S Army Airborne (Run to Cadence With…) (1998)
  Vocal Point (1993)
  Tatsuro Yamashita (2001)
DRUMS Kenny Chandler (1961)
  Jay And The Americans (1962)
- E -     
EASYVILLE Gil Bernal (1954)
(Leiber, Stoller, Bernal)    
EVERYBODY’S WOMAN The Coasters (1968)
EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY Frankie Marshall (1956)
  Sanford Clark (rec. 1957/rel. 1986)
  The Diamonds (1956)
  Margie Rayburn (1956)
- F -    
FALLING Sammy Turner (1959)
  Smokey Joe’s Cafe Cast Album (1995)
FAMOUS LAST WORDS Julius LaRosa (1957)
FANNIE LOU Frankie Marshall (1956)
FAREWELL Willy & Ruth (1954)
  Connie Russell (as “Farewell, Farewell”) (1955)
  Bob Santa Maria (as “Farewell, Farewell”) (?) (1954)
FAST WOMEN & SLOE GIN Jimmy Witherspoon (1953)
FEELS SO GOOD Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello)    
FINDERS KEEPERS The Crescendos (1956)
FLESH BLOOD AND BONES Little Esther (1952)
FLIP OUR WIGS Milt Trenier (1953)
FLYING Carmen McRae (1967)
  Leslie Uggams (1968)
FLYING HOME Amos Milburn (1952)
(Music: Goodman, Hampton/Lyrics: Leiber, Stoller) Chris Connor (1959)
FOOLS FALL IN LOVE The Drifters (1957)
  Beegie Adair Trio (instrumental) (2000)
  All Shook Up Original Cast (2005)
  The Balladeers (1999)
  Eirik Bergene (2008)
  The Bobcats (2008)
  Boppin’ B (2008)
  Dennis Brown (1994)
  Joe Clearly & The Balladeers (1999)
  Crazy Crackers (2006)
  Earl Cunningham unknown
  The Ding Dong Daddios (2006)
  Dirty Lucy (aka Dietrich Neuman) (2006)
  Encore Duo (instrumental) (2003)
  The Flaming Stars (unknown)
  Four Of A Kind (1957)
  Winston Francis (1969)
  Good Rockin’ Tonight (1994)
  Eddie Higgins (1994)
  Jennifer Holliday (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1998)
  Hubbas (aka Jörgen Andersson) (2005)
  Hullabaloo (2007)
  Gergory Isaacs (2008)
  Doug Jay (2001)
  Jets (1993)
  Just Friends (2008)
  Ian Kay & The Accents (2005)
  The Keytones (1984)
  Lucky Strike (2005)
  The Manhattan Rhythm Kings (1991)
  Valerie Masters (1960)
  Bob Meyer (1997)
  The Mighty Echoes (2003)
  Sugar Minott (2006)
  Katy Moffatt (1999)
  Pe-To Bandet med Arnfinn Hanstad (1993)
  John Pizzarelli (1994)
  J. D. Prentice (c. 1996)
  Elvis Presley (1966)
  Queen Bee And The Blue Hornet Band (1997)
  Red Hot Chili Peppers (bootleg) (1989)
  Rocky Sharpe & The Replays (1979)
  Rockin’ The Joint (c. 2008)
  Charlie Shaffer (instrumental) (1999)
  Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  The Sky Blue Boys (2006)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Sockrow (2003)
  The Spokes (2004)
  The Stargazers (1997)
  Jim Stringer & the Austin Music Band (2001)
  The Symphonics unknown
  Telstars (1966)
  Carla Thomas (1961)
  Ruby Turner (live DVD) (2001)
  Sammy Turner (1959)
  Jacky Ward (1977)
  Whistle Bait (1990)
  Wild Wind (1997)
FOOTSTEPS Tony Travis (1957)
FRAMED The Robins (1954)
  Bijou Street Blues Band (2007)
  Bluedoo XT (1993)
  Canned Heat (1973)
  Cheech & Chong (1976)
  Burton Cummings (1977)
  Darts (in medley with “Riot In Cell Block #9” and “Trouble”) (1977)
  Frank Deaton & The Mad Lads (aka Franklin Deaton) (1962)
  Albie Donnelly’s Supercharge (1997)
  The El Dorados (1993)
  Harry “The Hipster” Gibson (1989)
  Paul Green (2008)
  Phil Gulley (1954)
  Bill Haley & His Comets (1969)
  Alex Harvey & His Soul Band (1964)
  The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (1972)
  Troyce Key And J.J. Malone (1994)
  Mark Lamarr (live DVD) (2001)
  Little Feat (1981)
  Lowell George & The Factory (rec. 1969/rel. 1993)
  Los Lobos (as Ritchie Valens, “La Bamba” soundtrack) (1987)
  J. J. Malone & Troyce Key (in medley with “I’ve Gotta New Car”) (1980)
  Jim McCarty Band (1993)
  Jim McCarty Blues Band (2002)
  Reggie Miles (1995)
  Jim Preen (2007)
  Jerry Reed (1973)
  Rollamp (2004)
  Martin Schmitt (1997)
  Squeeler (1979)
  Rob Strong (1986)
  Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs (1987)
  Ritchie Valens (1958)
- G -     
GEE GOLLY The Coasters (1958)
GET HIM The Exciters (1963)
(Leiber, Stoller, Bert Russell [Berns], Ray Passman) Les Gam’s (in French, as “Tiens-le”) (1964)
  Chris Kersen (in French, as “Tiens-le”) (1964)
  Little Pattie (1965)
GET OFF MY WAGON Linda Hopkins (1954)
(Leiber, Stoller, Wheeler) The Band Who Knew Too Much (2003)
GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS The Coasters (1961)
  Ac-Rock (2006)
  Joe Brown & The Bruvvers (1963)
  Tony Fontana (1963)
  The Fourmost (1965)
  Les Gamblers (1963)
  The Cornell Hurd Band, feat. Blackie White (2000)
  Jay & The Americans (1963)
  Loquillo (in Spanish, as “Chicas”) (1999)
  The Masons (1999)
  Orange (instrumental) (2007)
  Elvis Presley (1962)
  The Renegades (1994)
  Johnny Taylor et Les Strangers (in French) (1963)
GIRLS I NEVER KISSED, THE Arthur Prysock (1972)
  Frank Sinatra (1986)
  Ray Charles (as “The Snow Is Falling”) (1953)
  Darrell Nulisch (as “The Snow Is Falling”)  
GO MOTHER GO Sam “Highpockets” Henderson (1954)
(Leiber, Stoller, Henderson)    
GOOD (Based on ON BROADWAY) William Murphy (2005)
(Leiber, Stoller, Mann, Weill, Murphy)    
GOODBYE STRANGER unrecorded?  
(Leiber, Stoller, McCoy)    
GUNFIGHTER Tommy Roe (1965)
(Leiber, Stoller, Wheeler) Jim Ed Brown (1967)
GYPSY Ben E. King (1963)
(Leiber, Stoller, Berns, Nugetre)    
- H -     
HAPPY LITTLE SNAPDRAGON Connie Francis (rec. 1959/rel. 1994)
HARD TIMES Charles Brown (1951)
  T-Bone Walker (1973)
HATCHET MAN, THE The Robins (1955)
  Deke Dickerson and the Eccofonics (1999)
  Casey MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio (2006)
HEAVENLY BLUES King Curtis (1959)
HELLO The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
HELLO, MISS SIMMS Garland the Great (1955)
(Leiber, Stoller, Emanuel)    
HELPLESS Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello)    
HERE HE COMES Ruth Brown (1961)
(Leiber, Stoller, McCoy, Dixon)    
HERE COMES HENRY Young Jessie (1956)
(Leiber, Stoller, Motola)    
HEY MISTER Frances Faye (1953)
HEY SEXY (see also “LOVEY”) The Coasters (rec. 1958/rel. 1992)
  Robbie Fulks (2004)
  Eddie Spaghetti (2005)
HEY, SUPERSTAR Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello)    
HIS KISS Betty Harris (1964)
(Stoller, Russell)    
HOLLERIN’ AND SCREAMIN’ Little Esther (1953)
HOLY MOMENT Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello)    
(Leiber, Stoller, Ray) Audrey Lavine (2000)
  Barbra Streisand (1978)
HONGRY The Coasters (1965)
HOT DOG (Version I) Young Jessie (1956)
HOT DOG (Version II) Elvis Presley (1957)
  Kingalings (1993)
  Lucky Strike (2003)
  Mike Sanchez with Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather (2003)
HOUND DOG Wille Mae “Big Mama” Thornton (1953)
  The 101 Strings (1994)
  3 Redneck TenorsOriginal Cast (2007)
  4:2:Five (2004)
  57 Heavy (2006)
  Acetone (1995)
  Bryan Adams (1994)
  Agents & Jorma Kääriäinen (2001)
  Clay Aiken  
  All Shook UpOriginal Cast (2005)
  All The King’s Men With Johnny Earle (as part of medley) (1997)
  Amybeth & The Hound Dogs (2003)
  Ruby Andrews (1971)
  Are You Lonesome Tonight? Original Cast (1995)
  The Attitude with Little Richard (1980)
  P.D.Q. Bach (1991)
  Jimmy Barnes (2000)
  Marla BB (1997)
  Jeff Beck & Jed Leiber (instrumental; soundtrack, Honeymoon In Vegas) (1992)
  Freddie Bell And The Bellboys (1954)
  Ralf Bendix (in German, as “Heut Geh’ Ich Nicht Nach Hause”) (1957)
  Big Time Sarah (1982)
  Big Time Sarah And The BTS Express (1996)
  Black Hills Country Band (2006)
  Jimmy Carl Black (2008)
  Blodwyn Pig (1996)
  Lucky Blondo (in French, as “Un Vieux Chien de Chase”) (1977)
  Bloodstone (as “Moulded Oldies,” medley with “Searchin’”) (1974)
  Blue (2002)
  Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Бригада С, and Klaus Meine (1989)
  James Booker (rec. 1973/rel. 1997)
  Pat Boone (1963)
  Eddie Boyd with Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton (rec. 1965/rel. 1994)
  Owen Bradley (1958)
  Herman Brood (1975)
  Arthur Brown and Jimmy Carl Black (1991)
  Joe Brown (2007)
  Terry Buchwald (2006)
  The Johnny Burnette And The Rock ’n’ Roll Trio (1956)
  Aron Burton (1996)
  James Burton (1971)
  Al Caiola (instrumental) (1965)
  Calliope (1968)
  Shawn Camp And Billy Burnette (2007)
  Robert Soup Campbell (2007)
  Roberto and Erasmo Carlos (as part of medley) (1977)
  Nico Carstens with Cherry Wainer (1959)
  Catfish (1969)
  Chas & Dave (as party of medley) (2003)
  Chubby Checker (1960)
  The Chessmen (1964)
  Cyrus Chestnut (2007)
  Rita Chiarelli (1997)
  Wild Billy Childish And The Friends Of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association (2007)
  Eric Clapton (1989)
  Eddie Clearwater (1990)
  Cobalt Blue unknown
  The Collins Kids (1959)
  Commonbond (2004)
  Cosmo Alpha (as part of medley) (1994)
  The Countdown Singers (1995)
  Billy “Crash” Craddock (1977)
  Bobby Crafford (rec. 1970/rel. 1990)
  Creole Zydeco Farmers (2005)
  Scatman Crothers (1956)
  The Countdown Singers (1995)
  Graham Dalby And The Grahamophones (as part of medley) (2008)
  Sammy Davis, Jr. (as part of medley) (1963)
  Ronnie Dawson unknown
  The Willy DeVille Acoustic Trio (2002)
  Dirty Blues Band (1967)
  Disco Elvis (2008)
  Drawback Slim (2001)
  Robbie Ducey Band (2004)
  Tommy Duncan And The Miller Brothers (1953)
  Dyno Y Los Solitarios (in Spanish, as “Sabueso”)  
  Vince Eager (1976)
  The Easybeats (1964)
  Meg Eisenbery (2002)
  El Vez And The Memphis Mariachis (as “(You Ain’t Nothin’ But A) Chihuahua”) (1991)
  Electric Love Muffin (1989)
  Jimmy Ellis (aka Orion) (1999)
  John Entwistle (1973)
  Betty Everett (1963)
  The Everly Brothers (1965)
  Johnny Farago (1977)
  Chris Farlowe And The Thunderbirds (1964)
  Fats And His Cats unknown
  Narvel Felts (1956)
  Marty Friedman (2007)
  Philip Gardelli (1998)
  Betsy Gay (1953)
  Gene And The Gents (1968)
  Frances Gilvray ()
  Charlie Gore & Louis Innis (as “(You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Female) Hound Dog”) (1953)
  Charlie Gracie (rec. 1957/rel. 2005)
  The Grassmasters (instrumental) (2006)
  Macy Gray (2004)
  Smokey Greenwell (instrumental) (2005)
  David Grisman, John Hartford, and Mike Seeger (as “Hound Dawg”) (1999)
  Growl (1974)
  Lalo Guerrero (as “Pound Dog”) (1956)
  Dale Hawkins (1969)
  Eddie Hazelwood (1953)
  Heinz (aka Heinz Burt) with The Wild Boys (1964)
  David Henderson (2006)
  Scott Henderson (1994)
  Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
  The Hiptones (2008)
  Homer & Jethro (as “Houn’ Dawg”) (1956)
  Hoosier Hot Shots (1957)
  The Hoppers (2005)
  The Hoppettes (as part of medley) (1999)
  Linda Hornbuckle With No Delay (1994)
  Walter “Shakey” Horton (1972)
  The Ink Spots (1958)
  The Instrumental Orchestra (instrumental) (2006)
  Isartaler Hexen (as part of medley) (2008)
  Burl Ives (1974)
  Chuck Jackson (1967)
  Cleve Jackson And His Hound Dogs (1953)
  Etta James (2000)
  Jive Bunny (as part of medley) (1997)
  Sylvia Johns (as part of medley) unknown
  Jesse Lee Jones (1994)
  Tom Jones (1969)
  Col Joye and the Joy Boys (1963)
  Mickey Katz (as “You’re A Doity Dog”) (1957)
  Bryan Keith (aka Keith McCormack And The String-A-Longs) (1963)
  Kenjiklay (2003)
  King Junior (2002)
  Albert King (2002)
  Kingsize (2008)
  The Knudsen Brothers (as part of medley) (2004)
  Cadillac Kolstad (2006)
  Lady Elvis (aka Dawn Anita Plumlee) (2004)
  James Last (1998)
  The Sam Lay Blues Band (as part of medley) (2007)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band (1960)
  John Lennon (rec. 1972/ rel. 1986)
  Jerry Lee Lewis (rec. 1958/ rel. 1974)
  Little Esther (1953)
  Little Richard (rec. 1966/ rel. 2004)
  Little Richard And Jimi Hendrix (rec. c. 1964/rel. 1972)
  Marv Lockard (c. 1956)
  The London Festival Orchestra (cond. Werner Müller) (1977)
  Miranda Louise (1997)
  Buddy Lucas with Jimmy Carroll And Orchestra (1956)
  The Lord Lucan Quartet (1999)
  The Magic Time Travelers (2008)
  Bob Manning And The Wildcats (2003)
  Hank Marvin (1997)
  Maximum Party Band (2008)
  Kathi McDonald with Mark Riley and Nick Vigarino (1993)
  Bob McFadden and Dor (aka Rod McKuen) (1959)
  George Melly unknown
  Luis Miguel (as part of medley) (1984)
  Mini-Pops (as part of medley) (1981)
  Michel Montecrossa (2004)
  Scotty Moore (1964)
  Aurelio Morata (in Spanish, as “Perra Boba”) (1999)
  Van Morrison (bootleg) (1971)
  Frank Motley And His Motley Crew, feat. Curley Bridges (as “New Hound Dog”) (1954)
  Mudfork Blues (2006)
  The Music For Little People Choir (2000)
  The Nighthawks (rec. c. 1976/ rel. 1995)
  Nine Inch Elvis (2000)
  The Johnny Nocturne Band (2007)
  Terry Noland (rec. 1956/rel. 1990)
  Ricky Norton (as part of medley) (2002)
  Orion (aka Jimmy Ellis) ()
  The Osmonds (as part of medley) (1975)
  Robert Palmer (2003)
  Palolo (as part of medley) (1996)
  Kenny Palyola (2004)
  The Party People (1998)
  Carl Perkins (1985)
  Plastic Penny (1969)
  Celinda Pink (1995)
  Porterhouse Bob (2005)
  Duffy Power (rec. 1965-1967/rel. 2002)
  Elvis Presley (1956)
  Puhdys (1976)
  Quartette Indigo (instrumental) (1997)
  Don Rader (rec. 1956/ rel. 1995)
  Raggedy Ann and the Raggedy Rollers (1980)
  Raggs Kids Club Band (2004)
  Tony Ray (2007)
  The Re-Bops (2003)
  Regency (1994)
  The Residents (1989)
  Ricky And The Rockets (1988)
  Bob Riedy Blues Band (as part of medley) (rec. 1978/rel. 2003)
  Miguel Rios (1972)
  Dick Rivers (1996)
  RJ (2007)
  Rockin' Dopsie & The Cajun Twisters (1982)
  Rock And Rollers (in German, as “Das Ist Rock And Roll”) (1957)
  The Rocky Mountain Singers (2004)
  Los Rogers (in Spanish, as “Twist Del Perro”) (1961)
  Angela Ro-Ro (in Portuguese, as “Hot-Dog”) (1984)
  The Royal Artillery Alanbrooke Band (as part of medley) (1988)
  Rick Saucedo (2007)
  Sha Na Na (1973)
  The Shakedowns (2006)
  Robert Shaw And The Lonely Street Band (2006)
  Sherbet (1973)
  Sinseki unknown
  Andrew Sixty (1984)
  Christer Sjögren (2006)
  Warren Smith (rec. c. 1956/rel. 1999)
  Smokey Joe’s CafeOriginal Cast (1995)
  Al Smyth (2004)
  Earl Songer & His Rocky Road Ramblers  
  The Spinners (as part of medley) (1975)
  Stan the Man Bohemian Blues Band (2000)
  Stan the Man’s Bohemian Blues Duo (2000)
  The Starlite Orchestra & Singers (1998)
  Billy Starr (1953)
  Bob Starr & His All-Starr Band (1959)
  Status Quo (2000)
  Demetrio Stratos, Mauro Pagani, and Paolo Tofani (1979)
  Stray Cats (1983)
  Nat Stuckey (1969)
  The Surfaris (1966)
  Billy Swan (1997)
  Tales Of Terror (1984)
  James Taylor (2008)
  Koko Taylor (1993)
  The Susan Tedeschi Band (1995)
  Teddy Boys (as part of medley) (2007)
  T.E.E.N. Plague Rave-Rock-Revue (aka Bryan “Rodney” Dunn) (2000)
  Thee Waltons (1995)
  Rufus Thomas (as “Bear Cat”) (1953)
  Tie Toe Topic (2007)
  The Tielman Brothers (rec. ????/rel. 1988)
  Tiny Tim (as part of medley) (1993)
  Toby And The Boys Blues Band (2003)
  Tomoyasu Hotei (as part of medley) (1997)
  Top Of The Hill (2003)
  Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues  
  TPH (2002)
  Teeny Tucker (2008)
  Conway Twitty (1972)
  Twiztid with Insane Clown Posse and Blaze (1999)
  Two Time Polka (2004)
  Jack Turner And His Granger County Gang (1953)
  Stan Urban (1995)
  Uriah Heep (as part of medley) (1974)
  Utopia (1967)
  Dickie Valentine (1962)
  Vanilla Fudge (1968)
  Mack Vickery (as part of medley) (1970)
  Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps (1956)
  Kathy Wall (2006)
  The Waltons (as part of medley) (2007)
  Les Welch & His Orchestra (1957)
  Junior Wells (1965)
  Jeanette Williams (1969)
  Ted Williams, Teddy Pat & Oliver (2003)
  Willie And The Poor Boys (as part of medley) (1992)
  Link Wray (rec. ????/rel. 1994)
  Dale Wright (rec. 1964/ rel. 1989)
  Marva Wright (1993)
  Frank Zappa  
  Züri West (in German, as “Souhung”) (1990)
HUMPHREY BOGART Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
  Ian Whitcomb (1981)
- I -     
I (WHO HAVE NOTHING) Ben E. King (1963)
(Mogol, Donida; Eng. Lyric: Leiber, Stoller) Aurelian Andreescu  
  Richard Anthony  
  Shirley Bassey (also in Spanish, as “Hoy No Tengo Nada”) (1963)
  Melody Beecher  
  Djola Branner (Sylvester tribute) (2000)
  Brenda & Herb (1978)
  The Dave Bridge Trio (1964)
  Donald Butler & The Bahama Islanders  
  Roberto Cardinali (1967)
  The Chambers Brothers  
  Petula Clark (1965)
  Joe Cocker (2005)
  Cockney Rebel (1974)
  The Countdown Singers  
  The Crescendoes  
  David Monte Cristo  
  Crveni Koralji (in Yugoslavian, as “Nikad Nisam Imao Ništa”) (1970)
  Pat Dahl  
  Tony Dalli  
  Kal David & The Real Deal w/Lauri Bono  
  Neil Diamond (1993)
  Dirty Lucy (aka Dietrich Neuman) (2006)
  Druids of Stonehenge (1966)
  Jackie Edwards  
  John Edwards (Spinners) (1976)
  Ernie Englund (instrumental)  
  Fax-U featuring Debbie McKenna  
  Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (1972)
  Phillip Frazer  
  The Freeloaders  
  Rene Froger (1998)
  The Galaxies (1966)
  Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier  
  Robert Guillaume (1978)
  Norman Gunston  
  Lionel Hampton  
  Jane Harrison  
  Alan Haven (1997)
  Jimmy Helms (1975-77)
  Herbal Remedy  
  Hodges, James & Smith (1975)
  Jah Skerta (2005)
  Jedi Mind Tricks (2003)
  Peter Jöback  
  John Jones  
  Linda Jones (1968)
  Tom Jones (1970)
  Béat Kaestli (2005)
  Eden Kane  
  Gladys Knight & The Pips (1979)
  Terry Knight & The Pack  
  Legendary Raw Deal  
  IJahMan Levi  
  Liquid Smoke (1970)
  Little Milton (1968)
  Little Ray  
  Humphrey Lyttelton  
  Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (1982)
  Mighty Sam McClain (1969)
  Midnight Blue (1980)
  Dom Minasi (2004)
  Liza Minnelli  
  Miss B featuring Maxine Barrie (1998)
  The Monx  
  Derrick Morgan  
  Nellie (reggae, not hip-hop)  
  Renate Pichler (in German, as “Ich Habe Niemand”)  
  Nat Riggins  
  The Righteous Brothers (1967)
  Rob E. G. (Robert George “Robie” Porter) (1964)
  Roscoe Robinson (2004)
  Jackie Ross  
  Normie Rowe (1965)
  Sanchez (1998)
  The Scouts  
  The Searchers  
  S.E.X. Welsh Rock ()
  The Shaggs  
  The Sheltons  
  Heather Small (live DVD) (2001)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Society of Seven  
  Jordin Sparks (American Idol)  
  The Spectres (1966)
  Andy Star & The Stripes  
  Starbuck & The Rainmakers  
  Status Quo  
  Mark Stein & The Pigeons (pre-Vanilla Fudge)  
  Susan & The Surftones (instrumental)  
  Sylvester (1979)
  The Tams  
  Vic Taylor  
  Nicky Thomas  
  Toi Et Moi  
  Lee Towers (1995)
  Mickey Tucker (instrumental)  
  Leslie Uggams (1967)
  Roger V.  
  The VII Emotions  
  Luther Vandross & Martha Wash (1991)
  Vanilla Fudge  
  David T. Walker  
  Junia Walker  
  Warhorse (1971)
  Dee Dee Warwick (1961) & (?)
  Dave Wells & The Four Winds  
  When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water (1993)
  Holly Wynnette (2001)
  Lil Rob (as “I Who Have Nothing (But I Have Respect)”) (2005)
  Theo Vaness (as part of “Back To Music” medley)  
I AIN’T GONNA MAMBO Betty Jean Morris (1955)
I AIN’T HERE Carmen McRae (1975)
  Peggy Lee (rec. 1975/rel. 200?)
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
I CAN’T HEAR A WORD YOU SAY Ruth Brown (1959)
I CAN’T SAY NO Myrna March (1963)
I CRY Linda Leigh (1951)
I KEEP FORGETTIN’ Chuck Jackson (1962)
  The Artwoods (1964-67)
  Long John Baldry  
  David Bowie (1984)
  Roger Chapman & The Shortlist  
  Checkmates, Ltd.  
  Joe Cocker (2005)
  Christine Collister  
  Ray Coussins (1965)
  The Easybeats (1967-68)
  The Hi-Fi’s (1964)
  Lulu (2005)
  Myrna March (1963)
  Procol Harum (1975)
  The Red Hot Cancers featuring Thierry Gondet (1997)
  (also in French as “J’Oublie Toujours”)  
  Leo Sayer (live DVD) (2001)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Ringo Starr (1983)
  Thornton Sisters  
  Two Timers  
  Howard Werth  
  Jerry Williams (1996)
  Chet Atkins (live video w/Michael McDonald)  
  Winston Benet Project (instrumental)  
  Coco Budda  
  Luce Dufault  
  Dave Hollister (1999)
  Yana Johnson (1999)
  Patti LaBelle  
  Brian Lenair  
  Ray, Goodman & Brown  
  Bunny Rugs  
  The John Tesh Project (1995)
  Umphrey’s McGee (live) (2005-2006)
  Le Valedon (instrumental)  
I MUST BE DREAMIN’ The Robins (1955)
  The Cheers (1955)
  The Hilltoppers  
I ONLY WANT SOME Chris Connor (1960)
  Götz Alsmann  
  Louise Baranger Big Band, feat. Frank Sinatra, Jr.  
  Shirley Bassey  
  David McLeod  
  John Pizzarelli  
  Irene Reid  
  Pinky Winters  
I REMEMBER Peggy Lee (1975)
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom  
  Guilherme Vergueiro (instrumental)  
I SHALL NOT FAIL The Honey Bears (1955)
I SMELL A RAT Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton (1954)
  Young Jessie  
I STILL LOVE YOU Ruth Brown (1956)
I WANT TO BE FREE Elvis Presley (1957)
  Con Archer (1971)
  Bobby Bright & Laurie Allen (1997)
  Robert Gordon with Link Wray (1978)
  Tom Green (2006)
  The Honeycombs (1964)
  Mina (1990)
  Pablo Ruiz (in Spanish, as “Quiero Ser Libre”) (1993)
  Los Teen Tops (in Spanish, as “Quiero Ser Libre”) (1959)
I WANT TO DO MORE Ruth Brown (1955)
  Candye Kane (2005)
  Mike Sanchez (2001)
I’LL BE RIGHT ON DOWN Jimmy Witherspoon (1953)
I’LL BE THERE Damita Jo (1961)
(Leiber, Stoller, King, Jones)    
I’LL REMEMBER YOU Jay & The Americans (1964)
I’M A HOG FOR YOU (BABY) The Coasters (1959)
  The Blank Brothers (2004)
  Blue Rhythm Diplomats  
  Mary-Ann Brandon  
  Skeeter Brandon and Highway 61 (1999)
  Toni Brown (1999)
  Steve Callif unknown
  Canned Heat  
  Chas & Dave (as part of medley) (2003)
  The Cool Cats (1964)
  The DeeJays  
  Dr. Feelgood (1998); (2005)
  Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts  
  Guy Forsyth (1995)
  Freddie & The Dreamers (1963)
  Funkmasters (2001)
  The German Bonds  
  Erky Grant & The Earwigs (1963)
  The Grateful Dead (2001)
  Hi Fi & The Roadburners  
  The Innocents (1961)
  Johnny & The Copycats  
  Jr. Cadillac  
  The Kaisers (1993)
  David Lindley & El Rayo-X  
  Living Earth (1988)
  The Misfits (1964)
  The Morells (2001)
  The Nighthawks (1993)
  The Persuasions  
  Pork (1994)
  The Profits (1978)
  The Ravens (pre-Kinks) (1963)
  The Siegel/Schwall Band (1974)
  Supercharger (1992)
  Screaming Lord Sutch  
  The Surfaris  
  Kate Taylor (1979)
  Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (1965)
  King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones  
  Marty Wilde  
  The Youngbloods  
I’M A WOMAN Peggy Lee (1962)
  Lezlie Anders  
  Ami Aspelund (in Finnish, as “Vain Naisen”) (1976)
  Iveta Bartošová (in Czech, as “Máme Ten Úděl”) (1994)
  Fontella Bass (1965)
  Heather Bishop (2003)
  The Coasters (as “She Can”) (1968)
  Natalie Cole (live DVD)  
  Jenny Darren  
  Sammy Davis, Jr. & Count Basie (as “She’s A Woman”)  
  Kate Dimbleby (2000)
  Alexis Donnelly  
  Jodie Drake (1972) (?)
  Judy Dunlop & Jon Scaife  
  Fancy (1974)
  The Follen Angels  
  The Hit Crew (2005)
  Christine Kittrell (1962)
  Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band (w/Maria Muldaur) (1970)
  Natalie Lamb (1979/1994)
  Bonnie Langford (2000)
  Lehua (2002)
  Marilyn Maye  
  Reba McEntire (1979)
  Bette Midler (2005)
  Jane Monheit (live DVD) (2001)
  Maria Muldaur (1974)
  Riikamaria Paakkunainen (in Finnish, as “N.A.I.N.E.N.”) (1998)
  Freda Payne (1994)
  Bertice Reading (1980)
  Rue de Blues (1996)
  Vonda Shepard, Jane Krakowski, Dame Edna Everage (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (2001)
  Vonda Shepard, Jane Krakowski, Lisa Nicole Carson (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  Mindy Simmons  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (2005)
  Jodi Stevens (2002)
  Terraplane Blues (2004)
  Maria Vincent (in French, as “Je Suis Une Femme”) (c. 1965)
  Sylvia Vrethammar  
  Nanette Workman (2001)
I’M STUCK ON YOU The Poets (1966)
(Leiber, Stoller, Silvester, Simmons, McPherson) The Insiders  
  David Bromberg Band (1976)
  The Gories (1992)
  The Persuasions (1973)
  Leon Russell (as part of medley) (1973)
  Wolfman Jack  
IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO Frankie Marshall (1956)
IF YOU DON’T COME BACK The Drifters (1963)
  The Blues Project (live bootleg)  
  Toni McCann (1966?)
  The Nighthawks (1986)
  The Others (1964)
  Elvis Presley (1973)
  The Rattles  
  Kris Ryan & The Questions  
  The Sensational Epics (2002)
  The Thoughts, feat. Peter Becket (German TV video) (1967)
  The Undertakers (aka The ‘Takers) (1964)
  Gary Walker & The Rain (1968)
  T-Bone Walker (1973)
IS THAT ALL THERE IS? Leslie Uggams (1968)
  Lezlie Anders with Buddy Greco and the UNLV Jazz Ensemble  
  Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett  
  Jim Bailey (Peggy Lee impersonator) (1972)
  Michael Ball (live DVD) (2001)
  Kaye Ballard (1995)
  Tony Bennett (1969)
  Sandra Bernhard (1998)
  Martine Bijl (in Dutch, as “Meer Is ‘t Niet”) (1970)
  Heather Bishop (2003)
  The Bobs (1994)
  Johann Sebastian Bork (parody) (2003)
  Maxine Brown (country singer, not R&B) (1970)
  Anne Hampton Callaway (2002)
  Mary Foster Conklin  
  Cristina (aka Cristina Monet; banned version) (1980)
  Dan Daniels (1968)
  Hope Davis (soundtrack, The Nines) (2007)
  Paul de Leeuw (parody in Dutch and English)  
  Susannah de Wrixon (2005)
  Kate Dimbleby (2000)
  Sacha Distel (in French, as “Si Ce N’est Que Ça?”) (1974)
  Alexis Donnelly  
  Connie Evingson (1999)
  Ferrante & Teicher (instrumental) (1970)
  Firewater (2003)
  Tim Fischer (1997)
  The Follen Angels  
  Ron Frangipane (instrumental)  
  Giant Sand  
  P. J. Harvey & John Parish (1996)
  Peggy Hayes with the Bob Merrill Quartet (live, Peggy Sings Peggy tribute concert)  
  Murray Head (also in French, as “Ça N’Était Que Ça?”) (2001)
  Hermine (1982/2007)
  The Hix (1998)
  Kennedy Jenson (1997)
  Sally Kellerman (live DVD) (2001)
  Chaka Khan (2004)
  Kathy Kirby (1969)
  Hildegard Knef (in German, as “Wenn Das Alles Ist?”) (1972)
  Tommy Körberg (1990)
  Amanda Lear (2006)
  Peggy Lee (1969)
  Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller (original demo)  
  The Sven Libaek Orchestra (1979)
  Lill Lindfors (in Swedish, as “E’ De’ Sa De’ E?”)  
  Guy Lombardo & The Royal Canadians, featuring Ty Lemley (1970)
  Leopoldo Mastelloni (in Italian)  
  Little Jack Melody And His Young Turks (1999)
  Bette Midler (2005)
  The Midnight Voices  
  Eric Miller & His Orchestra  
  Sidney Miller  
  Grethe Mogensen (in Danish, as “Er Det Virk’lig Alt?”) (1970)
  Marcia Mohr (unissued)  
  Christian Morin (instrumental, as “Paradis Mélodie”)  
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
  Benny Neyman (in Dutch, as “Mestreechs Is Neet Breid”)  
  Octavia Cup Dance Theatre  
  Norrie Paramor (1969)
  Alan Price (in film, Is That All There Is?) (1992)
  Mary Roos (in Dutch, as “Tut Denn Das So Weh”)  
  Mindy Simmons  
  Dorothy Squires (1999)
  Carola Christina Standertskjöld-Liemola (aka Carola, in Finnish, as “Sen Pituinen Se?”) (1970)
  Swing Set  
  Leslie Uggams (1968)
  Ornella Vanoni (in Italian, as “E’ Poi Tutto Qui?”) (1971)
  Walt Weiskopf (instrumental) (1990)
  Jan Werner (live on TV)  
  Zen For Primates  
IS THIS GOODBYE? Linda Hopkins (1954)
IT Jimmy Witherspoon (1953)
IT’S A MIRACLE The Honey Bears (1954)
IT’S BEEN SO LONG Jo Stafford (1959)
IT’S MY TURN TO CRY Jay & The Americans (1962)
(Leiber, Stoller, Garfield)    
IT’S SO EXCITING The Exciters (1963)
I’VE GOT THEM FEELIN’ TOO GOOD TODAY BLUES The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
  Peggy Lee (1975)
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
  Mandy Patinkin  
- J -     
JACK-O-DIAMONDS Jacki Fontaine (1954)
  Ruth Brown (1959)
JACKSON Billy Edd Wheeler (1963)
(Leiber, Wheeler) ADZ (1999)
  Audrey Auld & Dale Watson (2000)
  Mary B & Paul Gallagher  
  Bobby Bare & Skeeter Davis  
  Mandy Barnett & Chuck Mead (2002)
  The Blue Jays (Justin Hayward & John Lodge of The Moody Blues)  
  Bongos, Bass & Bob  
  Brakes with Liela Moss (of The Duke Spirit) (2005)
  Carlene Carter & Ronnie Dunn (2007)
  Johnny Cash & June Carter (1967)
  Albert Coleman’s Atlanta Pops  
  The Countdown Singers (2000)
  Jimmy Dean & Dottie West  
  Els Dottermans & Wim Opbrouck (in Dutch, as “Menen”) (2007)
  Robert Demontigny & Claude Valade (1967)
  P. Paul Fenech (2006)
  Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs (1965)
  Frontier Trust  
  Merle Haggard (as part of medley) (1970)
  The Heaves  
  Hem (2004)
  J.C.P. feat. Gordon Griffin  
  Wanda Jackson & Mike Post  
  Cledus “T.” Judd (parody as, “Jackson (Alan, That Is)”) (1996)
  The Kingston Trio (1963)
  Legendary Raw Deal (2006)
  Jerry Lee Lewis & Linda Gail (1987)
  Chris Livesay & Sheelagh Harka (2001)
  Charlie McCoy (1968)
  Moonshine Willy (1996)
  Johnny & Jonie Mosby (1969)
  Weldon Myrick  
  Pansy Division (1995)
  Carl Perkins & Rosanne Cash (2006)
  Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon (soundtrack, Walk the Line) (2005)
  The Pleasure Barons, feat. Country Dick Montana & Caren Abrams (1993)
  Popa Chubby (2003)
  Boots Randolph (1968)
  Jenny Rock (in French, as “Québec”)  
  Rumbleseat (1998/2002)
  Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (1967)
  Bobby Solo (2004)
  Red Sovine & Jean Shepard  
  Carola Christina Standertskjöld-Liemola (aka Carola) and Lasse Mårtensonin  
  (in Finnish, as “Mä Lähden Stadiin”)  
  The Stars at Studio 99  
  April Stevens & Nino Tempo  
  Supercountry (Jimmy & Jacky)  
  Trucker Up (2006)
  Porter Wagoner & Pamela Rose Gadd (2004)
  Jerry Williams (1996)
  Phil Wilson (ex-June Brides) (1991)
JAILHOUSE ROCK Elvis Presley (1957)
  Abrasive Wheels (1983)
  Paco Aguilera (in Spanish, as “El Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Clay Aiken  
  Jerome Alexander w/Jay-Ray & Gee  
  All Shook Up Original Cast (2005)
  All The King’s Men featuring Johnny Earle (in Elvis medley) (1997)
  The Alleycats (1996)
  Alta Tension (in Spanish, as “Rock de la Carcel”)  
  Cliff Anderson (+Hound Dog)  
  Anti-Heros (1985)
  Are You Lonesome Tonight? Original London Cast (1995)
  Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers  
  Banner Of Thugs (2002)
  The Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart (1969)
  Black Paul (as part of “The King In Black Disco” medley) (1977)
  Burt Blanca (in French, as “Le Rock Du Bagne”)  
  The Blues Brothers (1980)
  Blues Busters (1984)
  Michael Bolton & Carl Perkins (1994)
  The Box Tops (as part of medley)  
  Jimmy Breedlove  
  Bronco Bob (2003)
  Chris Brown (“Movies Rock” 2007)  
  Brownsville Station (1969)
  Bugs Bunny & Friends  
  Eric Burdon & The Animals (1966/1990)
  Butterfly Kids (as “The Jailhouse Rocked”;  
  Christian adaptation, not credited!) (2003)
  C.C. Productions (masquerading as The Blues Brothers)  
  Roberto Cacciapaglia  
  Cagey Strings (2006)
  Shawn Camp And Billy Burnette (2007)
  Trent Carlini (1997)
  Dean Carter (1967)
  Nick Carter & Mark J. Dye (1991)
  David Cassidy (as part of medley) (1974)
  The Castaway Strings (instrumental)  
  Adriano Celentano  
  Les Champions (in French, as “Le Rock Du Bagne”)  
  James Chance & The Contortions (1978/1994)
  The Chandeliers (instrumental)  
  Marshall Chapman (1995)
  Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (2003, 2005)
  Colin Cook & The Strangers (1964)
  Alice Cooper (1999)
  Matthew Cadillac Cooper with The Curtis King Band (2003)
  Ronnie Cord (1960)
  Cosmo Alpha (as part of medley) (1994)
  Johnny Cougar (aka John Mellencamp) (1976)
  Coven (1972)
  Billy “Crash” Craddock  
  The Cramps (1990)
  Crazy Crackers (2003)
  Cuarteto Imperial (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  D Is For Dragster  
  Ronnie Dawson unknown
  Johnny Dollar (1958)
  Done Again  
  Daniel Donoso  
  Dread Zeppelin (1991)
  Beth Dyan (2002)
  Vince Eager (1976)
  Chris Evans (in French, as “Le Rock Du Bagne”)  
  Shaky Everett (2001)
  Fandango USA  
  Johnny Farago (1977)
  Flash Cadillac  
  Flash 5 (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Fleetwood Mac  
  Jesse Garon  
  Steve Gibbons (live DVD) (2005)
  Los Gibson Boys con Manolo Muñoz (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Dusty Glass  
  Glen Glenn  
  Irwin Goodman (as “Kalteri Twist”)  
  Graceland Mafia  
  The Grassmasters (instrumental) (2006)
  Tom Green (2006)
  Norman Gunston  
  Enrique Guzmán (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Enrique Guzmán Y Grupo Nahuatl (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”) (1974)
  Bobby Hachey  
  Merle Haggard (1977)
  The Ray Hamilton Orchestra (instrumental)  
  The Hammersmith Gorillas  
  Happy Days Original Cast (Jon Stevens) (1999)
  Hardin & York (as part of medley) (1970)
  Harvey & The Wallbangers (1984)
  Alex Harvey & His Soul Band (1963?)
  Sammy Hawker  
  Jimmie (aka Jimmy) Helms  
  Taylor Hicks (American Idol)  
  The Hoppettes (as part of Elvis medley) (1999)
  The Hound Dogs (aka The Jailhouse Rockers)  
  The Instrumental Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Los Iracundos (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”) (1969)
  Chuck Jackson (1967)
  The Jailbirds (soundalikes)  
  Paul James  
  Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers  
  Anders Johansson & Jakob Hydén (2000)
  Johnny (in Finnish, as “Kotihipat”)  
  Tom Jones (live DVD) (2001)
  The Jordanaires (1957)
  Jussi & The Boys (as “Vankila-Rock”) (1974)
  Jerry Kennedy (instrumental) (1961)
  The King (aka The Tributes)  
  King Junior (2002)
  Albert King (2002)
  Kingsize (2008)
  The Kool Kats (soundalikes)  
  Peter Kraus und die Rockies (as “Hafen-Rock”) (1958)
  Lady Elvis (aka Dawn Anita Plumlee)  
  Miranda Lambert (2007)
  Larry & The Handjive  
  James Last (as part of medley) (1998)
  Travis Ledoyt (concert DVD)  
  Andy Lee & Tennessee Rain  
  Jerry Lee Lewis (1959); (1971)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  The Light Crust Doughboys (2000)
  Lone Star (in Spanish, as “El Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Los Loud Jets (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  The Love Brothers  
  Frankie Lymon (1958)
  George Lynch & Xciter (pre-Dokken) (1978/2005)
  Artie Malvin (1957)
  Ross McManus (1970)
  Meat Loaf (as part of R&R medley) (1987)
  John Mellencamp (soundtrack, Honeymoon In Vegas) (1992)
  Microchips (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Luis Miguel (as part of medley in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”) (1984)
  Mind Garage (1970)
  Mischief! (2004)
  Mister Shook (as interlude on rap compilation)  
  Scotty Moore  
  Mötley Crüe (1987)
  Hal Munro (1958)
  The Murmaids (as part of medley)  
  The Music For Little People Choir (2000)
  The Nashville Playboys  
  The Nighthawks (1976-77)
  Nine Inch Elvis (2000)
  Danny Noriega (American Idol) (2008)
  The North Star Musicians (instrumental) (2001)
  The Notre Dames (1999)
  Judy Nylon (1980)
  Daniel O’Donnell w/Billy Burgoyne (2005)
  Oysterhead (live at Bonnaroo, 2006)  
  Lennon Page (2000)
  Michael Paloma & His New York Blues Band (2004)
  Amy Beth Parravano (aka Elvis’ Lil’ Sis)  
  The Party People (1998)
  The Pelvis (1997)
  Carl Perkins (1985)
  Los Picolisimos (in Spanish, as “El Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Eilert Pilarm  
  Steven Pitman  
  The Playmates (1975)
  Poison Idea (1992)
  Power Jam All Stars  
  Elvisini Presliani (operatic parody)  
  Prince Charles & The City Beat Band (1984)
  Quality Kids  
  Suzi Quatro (live video)  
  Que Pasa (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Queen (live)  
  Regency (1994)
  The Replacements (bootleg) (1983)
  The Residents (2004)
  Cliff Richard  
  Ricky & The Rockets with Sweet Power (1988)
  Miguel Rios (as “El Rock de la Cárcel”) (1996)
  Earl Robbins  
  Pablo Ruiz (part of medley, in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”) (1993)
  Rick Saucedo (2007)
  Kurt Savoy (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Helge Schneider (2007)
  Rodney Scott  
  The Selvis  
  Sha Na Na (alone, and as medley with “Yakety Yak”) (1971)
  Shark Bait (1988/1996)
  Robert Shaw & The Lonely Street Band (2006)
  Ray Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Spider Murphy Gang (as “Zuchthaus Rock”)  
  The Spiders  
  Kevin Spirtas (2006)
  Alvin Stardust  
  The Starlite Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Stars On 45  
  Erika Stucky  
  Los Super Secos (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”) (1964)
  Billy Swan (as medley with “King Creole”) (1997)
  Los Teen Tops (as “El Rock de la Cárcel”) (1959)
  The Gary Tesca Orchestra (instrumental)  
  The Tornadoes (as part of medley)  
  TPH (2002)
  Twisted Sister (1979)
  Conway Twitty (1960)
  John Ussery (1973)
  Michael Wendroff (1978)
  Joja Wendt  
  Eli Whitney  
  Wild Angels (1970)
  The Wildcats (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Jerry Wilson  
  Edgar & Johnny Winter  
  Link Wray (1996)
  Los Yaki (in Spanish, as “Rock De La Cárcel”)  
  Pete York Percussion band (rec. 1974/rel. 2005)
  The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up (2005)
  ZZ Top (1975)
JUICY Willie Bobo (1967)
JUMP THE CANYON Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello)    
(SHE’S) JUST ANOTHER GIRL Mike Clifford (1962)
JUST LIKE A FOOL The Robins (1955)
JUST SAY THE WORD Frankie Marshall (1955)
  Chris Funston & The High Hopes  
  Gerri Granger (as “Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello”) (1963)
  Tom Green (1999)
  Michael Holm (in German, as “Die Junge Liebe Ist Süß”) (1963)
  Michael McLeavy (1999)
  Olivia Molina (in Spanish, as “Lo Mandé Saludar”)  
  Jan Rot (as “Just Tell Him Jim Said Hello”) (1984)
  Ray Smith  
  Robin Starstedt  
- K -     
KANSAS CITY Little Willie Littlefield (as “K. C. Loving”) (1952)
  Wilbert Harrison (1959)
  1964…The Tribute (as medley with “Hey Hey Hey Hey”)  
  The Aces  
  Nancy Adams & The Deer Creek Fundamentalists (1972)
  Laurel Aitken  
  Alexys (1966)
  The Amazing Mets (as, “We’re Gonna Win The Series”) (1969)
  Los Angeles Azules  
  Ann-Margret (1961)
  Paul Ansell’s No. 9  
  Ray Anthony (1967)
  The Applejacks (1964)
  Atlanta Roots (1963)
  Cliff Aungier (quotes bridge in “Kansas City Blues”)  
  Debbi Bailes and Her Band  
  Mickey Baker  
  Adrian Bal  
  Hank Ballard (1959)
  The Ballroom Band  
  Count Basie (1966)
  Javier Batiz Y Los Shakes  
  The Beagle Boys  
  The Beatles (as medley with “Hey Hey Hey Hey”) (1964)
  The Beatles Revival Band  
  Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys (Ed Sullivan Show, 1958)  
  Walt Benton & The Diplomats (1959)
  Rod Bernard & Clifton Chenier (1979)
  Peter Best (1965)
  Big Al  
  The Bill Black Combo  
  Claude Blouin  
  Blue Touch (2005)
  Blues Balls  
  Blues Boyz  
  Sterling Blythe (1984)
  Pat Boone  
  Bob Boyd  
  Boston Brass  
  Donald “Boots” Brasseur (instrumental)  
  David Bromberg (1977)
  Brother Goose  
  Blues Gang  
  Blues Package  
  James Brown (1967) (also 1975)
  Sam Butera & The Witnesses (1957)
  The Butts Band (ex-Doors) (1974)
  Cactus Country Band  
  Al Caiola  
  Cameo Blues Band  
  Ace Cannon (instrumental)  
  Freddy Cannon  
  Carlo & The Belmonts  
  Caribbean Tapioca  
  Roy Carrier And The Night Rockers  
  Marion Carter (2005)
  Casey And The Vashti Express  
  Loris Ceroni  
  Chantilly Lace  
  Chubby Checker (1963)
  Clifton Chenier (1996)
  The Chisholm Gang  
  Roy Clark (1972)
  Eddy Clearwater (1978)
  Davis Coen (2007)
  Michael Coleman & Eddie Lusk (1991)
  Chris Connor (1962)
  Pat Cooley  
  Dennis Cooper  
  The Crawford Jazz Band  
  Crazy Jay & The Partytimers  
  Crazy Legs  
  Scatman Crothers  
  Rocky Curtiss & The Harmony Flames (?)  
  Dick Dale & The Del-Tones  
  Danny & The Zeltones (aka Danny Zella) (1961)
  Joe Dassin  
  David & The High Spirit (1999)
  Blind John Davis (1973)
  Sammy Davis, Jr.  
  The Spencer Davis Group  
  Joey Dee & The Starliters  
  Joey DeFrancesco  
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet (1997)
  Dimensión Vertical (medley w/ “Hey Hey Hey Hey”)  
  Dion (1961)
  Dion II  
  Dirty John’s Hot Dog Stand (?)  
  Disk Eyes Productions (instrumental) (1997)
  Dixie-Balls (1996)
  Fats Domino  
  The Drifters  
  The Drivin’ Dynamics  
  Roy Drusky  
  Johnny Duncan & The Bluegrass Boys  
  Little Arthur Duncan  
  El Duo Dinamico  
  Champion Jack Dupree (1969)
  JaRon Eames  
  Teddy Edelmann  
  Travis Edmonson (ex-Bud & Travis)  
  David “Honeyboy” Edwards  
  Shirley Ellis  
  Booker Ervin (1967)
  Kyle Esplin  
  The Everly Brothers (1965)
  The Explosion Rockets (1993)
  Howard and Debra Farris  
  Ray Faubus Four (?)  
  Charlie Feathers  
  Jonathan Feldman Trio  
  Freddy Fender & Tommy McLain (1978)
  Doug Ferony  
  The Fireballs  
  Robben Ford & Jimmy Witherspoon (1976)
  Andy J. Forest  
  Panama Francis Orchestra (c. 1959)
  Freddie & The Dreamers (1963)
  Noel Freidline Quintet  
  Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (as “Salt Lake City”) (1987)
  Lowell Fulson  
  Billy Fury (1963)
  Terese Genecco (2007)
  Georgia Gibbs  
  The Golden Gate Quartet  
  The Good Fellas  
  Good Morning Blues  
  Good Rockin’ Tonight  
  Rosco Gordon (1983)
  Kelli Grant  
  Hardrock Gunter  
  Bill Haley & His Comets  
  Wee Willie Harris  
  Lou Haskins (instrumental)  
  Ronnie Hawkins  
  Tommy Hayes & The Western Swingsters  
  The Helpful Soul (唄と演奏) (1996)
  Rikki Henderson (1959)
  Clarence “Frogman” Henry  
  Herman’s Hermits  
  Bill Higgins  
  Al Hirt  
  Rob Hoeke  
  Adolph Hofner  
  Hollywood Fats  
  Brian Hopper, Hugh Hopper, Pete Lawson (rec. 1962/rel. 1999)
  Hot Lunch  
  Hothouse Flowers (1990)
  Eddie Howell and the Bob Paris Combo  
  The Rob Hudec Trio  
  Helen Humes (1974)
  Les Humphries Singers (1974)
  J. B. Hutto & The Houserockers  
  The Immigrants (in medley w/ “Route 66”) (1966)
  The Ink Spots  
  John Jackson  
  Wanda Jackson (1960)
  The Jackys  
  Doug James & Sax Gordon (instrumental) (2006)
  Jan & Dean  
  Effie Jansen  
  Jay & The Americans (1962)
  Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers (1963)
  Jerry Jaye (1967)
  Jet Tones (aka Rocky Olson & The Jet Tones) (1959)
  Johnnie Johnson (1994)
  Bruce Johnston (medley with “Hey Hey Hey Hey”)  
  Alan Jones  
  George Jones & Johnny Paycheck  
  Spike Jones  
  Tom Jones (1969)
  Chris & Callie Kalogerson Orchestra  
  Bob Kames (1968)
  The Kansas City Kitties  
  Dwight Kennedy (1998)
  Gee Gee Kettel & Soluna Samay  
  King Rockahula  
  Albert King (1975)
  Freddie King  
  KölnMusik Big Band  
  Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated  
  Mike Kornrich  
  Bobby Krane and His Orchestra (1959)
  Alison Krauss & Claude “Fiddler” Williams (1989)
  Joya Landis  
  Carl “Little Rev” Lattimore  
  Steve Lawrence  
  Brenda Lee  
  Dinah Lee with Max Merritt & His Meteors (1964)
  Norman Lee and The Eddy Howard Orchestra  
  Peggy Lee (1961); (1988)
  Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller (live DVD) (2001)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  Liquorice John Death & The All-Stars (aka Procol Harum) (1970/1998)
  Little Milton (1969)
  Little Richard (1959)
  David Lloyd And His London Orchestra (1966)
  The London Theatre Orchestra  
  Julie London (1964)
  The Lonelys  
  Wilbert Longmire  
  Trini Lopez (1963)
  Louisiana “Guitar” Red (2000)
  Love Depression (1968)
  Judy Lynn (1969)
  Magic Slim & The Teardrops (1997)
  Magic Strangers  
  Kevin Mahogany (1997)
  Ma-Ma’s Fine Boys (1993)
  Carl Mann (1959)
  Pete Mayes & The Texas Houserockers (2005)
  Leon McAuliffe (1961)
  Paul McCartney (1988); (1993)
  Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas  
  Barbara McNair (1960)
  Clyde McPhatter  
  Jay McShann (1987); (2003)
  Jay McShann & Al Casey  
  Memphis Slim  
  Marilyn Michaels (1968)
  Big Miller  
  Curly “Barefoot” Miller  
  The Glenn Miller Orchestra  
  The Missing Links (1965)
  La Mississippi  
  Eddy Mitchell (1963)
  Francisco Montaro  
  Marian Montgomery  
  Paul Moore’s Amazing Washboard Wizards  
  Li’l Aaron Mosby  
  Ahmed Mouici & Michael Jones (2005)
  Mudfork Blues (2006)
  Mudpuppy (2008)
  J. F. Murphy & Salt (aka Free-Flowing Salt)  
  Mark Murphy  
  Naki’i (as “Goin’ to Haleiwa”) (2003)
  Nande & The Big Difference  
  The Nashville All Stars (1972)
  Nashville Superstars  
  Sandy Nelson  
  Willie Nelson & Susan Tedeschi (2000)
  The New York Ska Jazz Ensemble (2008)
  Johnny Newton and The Tags (1959)
  William Noll  
  The Phil Norman Tentet (1997)
  Jim Oblon (2007)
  One Dan Band  
  Graham Parker and The Rumour (1976)
  Bobby Paris (1967)
  Gary Paxton (1964)
  Alonzo Pennington  
  Pinetop Perkins (2000)
  Dan Phelps  
  Pieces of 8 (medley w/ “Route 66”)  
  The Al Pierson Big Band (instrumental)  
  Plantation 5 (as “Morgan City”)  
  Jimmy Ponder  
  Cheryl Poole (1970)
  Poor Things  
  Louis Prima and The Witnesses (live in Vegas 1964) (1987)
  Prince (live bootleg, as part of medley)  
  Peter Prince (2002)
  Queen Bee And The Blue Hornet Band (1996)
  Don Rader  
  Bill Ramsey & Paul Kuhn (1965)
  Claudio Ranalli Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Lou Rawls (1962)
  Los Rebeldes Del Rock (medley with “Hey Hey Hey Hey,” in Spanish)  
  Faye Reis and Hubba Hubba (instrumental)  
  Henry Rene & Orchestra (1960)
  Bobby G. Rice  
  Dig Richards & The R’Jays (1959)
  Jimmy Ricks (1969)
  Ricky & The Rockets with Sweet Power (1988)
  Bob Riedy Blues Band (rec. 1978/rel. 2003)
  Billy Lee Riley (1964)
  Rob Rio And The Revolvers  
  Johnny Rivers  
  Rockin’ Ronald & The Rebels (aka Ronnie Hawkins) (1959)
  Johnny Robinson (1970)
  Roddie Romero  
  Bobby Ryder  
  Doug Sahm  
  Tom Saputo  
  Sandy Sasso  
  Kurt Savoy (in Spanish)  
  Vince Seneri  
  Johnny Seven  
  Ron Shaw  
  Molly Shea  
  Tony Sheridan & The Beatles  
  The Shindogs (Shindig In Hawaii, 1965)  
  Robert Silverman  
  Hal Singer (1969)
  The Sir Douglas Quintet  
  John Skinner  
  Ernie Smith  
  Hal Smith (1960 or 1961)
  Keely Smith (2000)
  Mack Allen Smith (1959)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Sockrow (2003)
  Otis Spann  
  W. C. Spencer  
  The Spotnicks  
  Shewry Stamper & The Virginians (1962)
  The Starlite Orchestra  
  Thomas Stelzer & The Bloody Rhythm Fingers  
  The Stone Country Band (1983)
  Warren Storm (1960)
  Billy Strange (1963)
  Jimmy Sturr (2005)
  The Sugar Bees  
  Gordie Sullivan  
  Sunset Blues Band (1969)
  Los Superclasicos (in Spanish, as medley with “Hey Hey Hey Hey”)  
  David Swanson  
  Finis Tasby  
  The Taylor/Fidyk Big Band (2003)
  Hound Dog Taylor  
  Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band (1997)
  Laura Theodore (2007)
  Hayden Thompson  
  The Tiger Blues Band (2001)
  Libby Titus (1977)
  Gil Trythall  
  Duke Tumatoe  
  Big Joe Turner (1984)
  The Untouchables  
  John Valby (obscene parody version)  
  Wayne Versage (1969)
  Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson  
  T-Bone Walker (1969; 1973)
  Abi Wallenstein & Joja Wendt  
  Washboard Willie  
  Muddy Waters with Dizzy Gillespie* (1975, 1977*, 1978)
  Jason Weaver (TV soundtrack, The Jacksons: An American Dream) (1992)
  “Boogie Bill” Webb & Snooks Eaglin  
  Joey Welz  
  The Wiking Strings  
  Charlie Williams  
  Claude Williams  
  Jerry Williams (1996)
  Joe Williams  
  Ted Williams, Teddy Pat & Oliver (2003)
  Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys  
  Tommy Wills  
  Jimmy Witherspoon (1960); (1963)
  Jimmy Witherspoon with the Junior Mance Trio (1969)
  Stan Worth (1964)
THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS Mike Stoller & The Stoller System (1968)
(aka “Professor Hauptmann’s Performing Dogs”) (Stoller)    
KEEP IT UP The Soul Brothers (1964)
KEEP ON ROLLIN’ The Coasters (1962)
  Clover (1977)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Jerry Williams (1996)
KEEP TELLIN’ YOURSELF Marv Johnson (1962)
(Leiber, Stoller, Greenwich, Powers) Gene Pitney (1963)
  Jimmy Radcliffe (original demo, unissued) (1962)
KING CREOLE Elvis Presley (1958)
  Agents & Jorma Kääriäinen  
  All The King’s Men feat. Johnny Earle (as part of Elvis medley) (1997)
  Luck Blondo (in French, as “Une Nuit au King Creole”)  
  Boppin’ B  
  Will Brandes (in German) (1958)
  Cath Carroll & Steve Albini (aka Miaow) (1990)
  Crazy Crackers (2006)
  Di Maggio Brothers (1999)
  Teddy Edelmann  
  Good Rockin’ Tonight  
  Anders Johansson & Jakob Hydén (2000)
  Kingsize (2008)
  Leize (in Spanish) (1999)
  Ronnie McDowell (1997)
  Luis Miguel (as part of medley, in Spanish, as “Rey Criollo”) (1984)
  Dick Penrose  
  Steven Pitman  
  The Rattlers  
  Cliff Richard (1958)
  Miguel Rios (in Spanish, as “Rey Del Rock”) (1979)
  The Selvis  
  Christer Sjögren (2006)
  Los Straitjackets, featuring El Vez (in Spanish, as “Rey Criollo”) (2001)
  Los Super Secos (in Spanish, as “Rey Criollo”)  
  Billy Swan (in medley with “Jailhouse Rock”) (1997)
  Los Teen Tops (in Spanish, as “Rey Criollo”) (1960)
  Stiggi Thunder (2005)
  Wild Wind (1997)
  The Wildcats (in Spanish, as “Rey Criollo”)  
  Johnny Worth (1958)
  Link Wray (1986); (1996)
KING SOLOMON’S BLUES Gil Bernal (1954)
KISSIN’ BOOGIE Preston Love (1952)
- L -     
LADY LIKE The Coasters (1965)
LADY WANTS TO TWIST, THE Steve Lawrence (1962)
LAST LAUGH BLUES Little Esther & Little Willie (1952)
LAST MILE, THE Mel Walker with the Johnny Otis Orchestra (1952)
  Jimmy Witherspoon (1953)
LET’S BRING BACK WORLD WAR I Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
LIPS Roy Hamilton (1958)
  Azie Mortimer (1960)
LITTLE EGYPT The Coasters (1961)
  The A-Bones  
  Au Bonheur Des Dames (in French, as “Cléopatre”)  
  Bamses Venner (as “Gips”) (2000)
  Best Of British  
  Bjelleklang (as “Blod”) (1992)
  Earl Bostic  
  Colin Buckley (1966)
  Nathan Cavaleri with Chris Bailey  
  Colin Cook & The Strangers (1966)
  The Crescendoes  
  Lee Curtis & The All-Stars  
  The Cyclones (1963)
  Doctor Explosion  
  Downliners Sect (1964)
  The Embers  
  The Fortunes  
  Mickey Gilley  
  Cecil Hill (2001)
  Anders Johansson & Jakob Hydén (2000)
  Murry Kellum  
  The Minnesota Voo Doo Men (2006)
  Elvis Presley (1964)
  The Rayders (1965)
  Henri Salvador (in French, as “Cléopâtre”) (1964)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (1995)
  Bruce Springsteen (live bootleg)  
  Ray Stevens (1969)
  Jerry Williams (1996)
LITTLE WHITE SHIP, A Peggy Lee (1975)
LOLA Bob London (1955)
  The Coasters (1957)
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
LOOP-DE-LOOP MAMBO The Robins (1954)
  Gary Crosby and the Cheer Leaders (1954)
  The Four Escorts (1954)
  Jay Jerome and his Orchestra and Chorus (1955)
  Lyres (c.1994)
  Billy May (1954)
LORELEI Lonnie Donegan (1960)
  Jeff Barry (Original Demo, unissued)  
  Peter Kraus und die Rockies (1963)
  Peter Rich (1960)
LOST IN YOU Liza Minnelli (1996)
  Guilherme Vergueiro (Instr.)   
LOVE ME Willy & Ruth (1954)
  Accident Clearinghouse  
  Beegie Adair Trio (instrumental) (2000)
  Greg Allman & Cher  
  Eddy Arnold (1960)
  P.D.Q. Bach (1991)
  Edoardo Bennato  
  The Big Apple Chorus (2006)
  Pat Boone (1963)
  Borrowed Toys (2007)
  Bob Boyd (instrumental MIDI file) (2008)
  Dave Burgess & The Toppers  
  Johnny Burnette (1960)
  Nicolas Cage (“Wild At Heart” soundtrack)  
  Trent Carlini (1997)
  Bruce Channel  
  Bruce Channel & Major Bill Smith (as “The King Is Free: Requiem for Elvis”)  
  Chas & Dave (as part of medley) (2003)
  Rita Chiarelli (1994)
  The Corn Sisters  
  Greer Craig  
  Davis Daniel (1991)
  Danny Davis (1960)
  The DeMarco Sisters (1954)
  Johnny Devlin  
  Jim Dilley (2004)
  Fats Domino  
  Bobbie Eakes (2005)
  Billy Eckstein  
  Jimmy Ellis (aka Orion) (1999)
  Flat Duo Jets  
  The Four Escorts (1954)
  Barry Frank with Jimmy Carroll and Orchestra (1957)
  The Frantic Flintstones  
  Fridtjof (aka Øivind Blunck) (in Norwegian, as “Ta Meg Som Jeg Er”)  
  Georgia Gibbs  
  Good Rockin’ Tonight (2003)
  Robert Gordon  
  Ed Greer  
  Steve Harley  
  D. B. Harris  
  Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings  
  Peter Hofmann (1992)
  Engelbert Humperdinck  
  Bill Hurley  
  The Jackson Brothers  
  Reid Jamieson (2007)
  Anders Johansson & Jakob Hydén (2000)
  Tom Jones and “Mama” Cass Elliot (as part of medley) (1969)
  Kingsize (2008)
  The Little Willies featuring Norah Jones (2006)
  The Johnny Mann Singers (1961)
  Jesse L. Martin (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  The Mavericks  
  Ronnie McDowell  
  The Memorial Chorus & Symphonette  
  OC Times (2005)
  The Pelvis  
  Elvis Presley (1956)
  The Regents (aka The Runarounds)  
  The Ribitones (c.1980)
  Dick Rivers (as part of medley) (1994)
  Connie Russell (1954)
  Say Zuzu  
  The Searchers  
  Sha-Boom (unknown)
  Christer Sjögren (2006)
  Ray Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Jimmie Rodgers Snow  
  Spector 45 (2006)
  Sam “The Man” Taylor  
  Vince Taylor et ses Play-Boys (1961)
  Grant Tracy & The Sunsets  
  Conway Twitty  
  John Van Horn & The Fender Benders  
  Mack Vickery (as part of medley) (1970)
  Sterling Westbrook (1978)
  The Wild Angels  
  Billy Williams Quartet (1954)
  Colin Winski  
  Link Wray  
LOVE POTION #9 The Clovers (1959)
  4:2:Five (2004)
  Dawn Aitken  
  Jewel Akens (1965)
  The Alley Cats (2000)
  The Allusions  
  Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (instrumental)  
  Dan Barrett & Blue Swing feat. Rebecca Kilgore  
  Beat Crusaders  
  Beau Nasty (1989)
  Bel-Air Bandits  
  Benny & The Jets  
  Big Sonny & The Lo Boys  
  Jimmy Carl Black  
  Lowri Blake (1993)
  Blue Stew (1998)
  Paolo Bracci (in Italian, as “Non Ho Dormito Mai”) (1965)
  The Brain Surgeons  
  Elkie Brooks  
  The Casual Four  
  The Cherokees (1964)
  Phil Clarke, Jr.  
  The Coasters (1971)
  Don Costa  
  The Mike Cotton Sound  
  The Countdown Singers  
  Jenny Darren  
  The Demons  
  Neil Diamond (1993)
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet (instrumental)  
  Ronnie James Dio & The Prophets (1964)
  Donovan (unissued)  
  Downliners Sect  
  Caroline Drury  
  The Encounters  
  The Epics  
  Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders  
  Dave Freeman  
  Brandon Giles  
  Ian Gillan & The Javelins  
  Golden Boys (in Portugese, as “O Feiticeiro”)  
  The Graduate Original London Cast  
  Happy People (as part of medley)  
  The Jimmy Heap Show, feat. Ken Idaho  
  The HiFi Ramblers (2001)
  Kerry Hodgkin  
  The Hoppettes  
  The Hound Dogs (live, 1964)  
  Houston Horizon Chorus  
  Douglas Jack (instrumental)  
  Tony Jackson & The Vibrations  
  The Jay Five  
  Johnny & The Panty Raiders  
  Casey Jones & The Governors  
  Jussi & The Boys  
  The Kaisers  
  Jan Keizer  
  Pete King (?)  
  Larry & The Movers  
  Gary Lewis & The Playboys  
  Enoch Light  
  The Lounge-O-Leers (in Japanese)  
  M. D. C.  
  The Mad Hatters  
  Mama Betty’s Band (in German, as “Die Liebesmedizin”) (1965)
  Hansel Martinez  
  Metal Mike, Alison & Julia  
  Willie Murphy  
  Nobody (as part of Mersey Beat medley)  
  The Nylons  
  Victoria Owen (live DVD)  
  Paul’s Apartment  
  Paul Ponnudorai  
  Pure Gold (2006)
  The Quotations (2006)
  The Reflections (1996)
  Return 2 Zero  
  The Revelations  
  Ricky And The Pearls (1983)
  Rinder & Lewis (1980)
  Robert, Ron & Eddie  
  The Rockets  
  Jan Rohde (& The Adventurers) (1964)
  Inga Rumpf (1979)
  Salsa Rosso (instrumental)  
  The Roswell Invaders (1999)
  Mickey Salter  
  Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs  
  The Sanctions (pre-Electric Prunes) (1965)
  Sandro (in Spanish, as “Pocion de Amor Numero 9”)  
  Diane Scanlon  
  The Seamonkees (instrumental)  
  The Searchers (1963)
  Cheryl Serio (2005)
  Sha Na Na  
  Mike Silver  
  The Singing Pinguins  
  Nancy Sit (in Chinese) (1967)
  Sixty Minute Men  
  Johnny “Hammond” Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Special Feature  
  The Starlite Singers  
  The Sting Rays (1965)
  Street Magic  
  The Surfaris  
  Suzie & The Seniors  
  Martin Swinger  
  Lee Towers (1981)
  Ian Turpie  
  Tygers of Pan Tang (1982)
  John Valby (obscene parody version)  
  The Ventures (instrumental) (1965)
  Matthew Wan (instrumental)  
  Vince Weber & Michael Maass  
  Whiskey River  
  The White Stripes (in their original set list; no recordings known)  
  The Billy Williams Quartet (1954)
  Jerry Williams  
  Yesterday’s Today  
LOVEY (see also “HEY SEXY”) The Clovers (1960)
LOVIN’ JIM Little Mickey Champion (1952)
LOVING YOU Elvis Presley (1957)
  Beegie Adair Trio (instrumental)  
  Are You Lonesome Tonight? Original London Cast  
  Avid All Stars  
  The Benedictine Chimes of Westminster (1994)
  Glen Campbell  
  Lisa Nicole Carson (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (2000)
  The Castaway Strings (instrumental)  
  Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp  
  The Dave Clark 5  
  Roberto Carlos  
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet  
  Vince Eager (as part of medley) (rec. unknown/rel. 2003)
  Duane Eddy (instrumental)  
  The Elvis Presley Tribute Band  
  Donna Fargo (tribute to Elvis)  
  Billy Fury (Live on the BBC, 1967)  
  Good Rockin’ Tonight (2003)
  Guy & Raina  
  Corky Hale  
  Johnny Hallyday (in French as “Ma Vie à T’Aimer”) (1967)
  Françoise Hardy  
  Anita Harris  
  The Hit Crew  
  Reid Jamieson (2007)
  Jussi & The Boys  
  Eden Kane  
  The Las Vegas International Philharmonic (instrumental)  
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  Pekka Loukiala (1977)
  The Johnny Mann Singers (1961)
  Al Martino (1970)
  The Memorial Chorale & Symphonette  
  Scotty Moore (1964)
  James Naughton  
  The Prellies (2006)
  The Righteous Brothers  
  Cynthia Schloss  
  Robert Shaw And The Lonely Street Band (2006)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Nat Stuckey  
  Tanita Tikaram  
  The Taildraggers  
  Joey Welz  
LUCKY LIPS Ruth Brown (1957)
  3 Lausbuben (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Babaloo (in medley, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Gus Backus (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”) (1963)
  Ria Bartok (in French, as “Sans Amour”)  
  Billy Buhlan Und Sein Continental-Bar-Sextett (in medley, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Captain Cook & Seine Singenden Saxophone (as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Chamer Buam (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Die Cindies (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Rich Clifford (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Alma Cogan  
  Damals War’s (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Eddie Denver & Les Sylvains (in Dutch, as “Ieder Meisje”)  
  Estudio Miami Ritmo  
  Dottie Evans (1957)
  Jimmy Fields (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Foster & Allen  
  Günter Geißler (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”) (1964)
  Pearl Gray  
  Harald’s Sunshine (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Kevin Henderson  
  Hi-5 (as part of medley)  
  The Hot Shots  
  J. Huimapää Ja Tanssiorkesteri (in Finnish, as “Hymyhuulet”)  
  The Ink Spots (1958)
  Jessy (in French, as “Sans Amour”)  
  Johnny (in Finnish, as “Hymyhuulet”)  
  Peter Kraus (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Franz Lambert (as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Anita Lang  
  James Last (as part of medley)  
  Latin Quartet (in Spanish, as “Labios Afortunados”)  
  The Lollipops  
  Laurie London  
  Siw Malmkvist (in Swedish, as “Slit & Slang”) (1966)
  Stef Meeder (as part of instrumental medley)  
  Hardy Peters und die Amigos (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Mike Redway (1963)
  Cliff Richard (also in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”) (1963)
  Rock Hotel (in Finnish, as “Kikilips”)  
  Ronny (in Dutch, as “Rock ‘n’ Roll”)  
  Hans Schepior und Sein Ensemble (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Illo Schieder (in German, as “Dolly Dick”)  
  Michael Schoen (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Ambros Seelos Orchestra (in German, as “Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen”)  
  Sonia (in Spanish, as “Labios Afortunados”)  
  Gale Storm  
  Wicus Van Der Merwe  
  André Van Duin (as part of Cliff Richard medley)  
  Gustav Winckler (in Danish, as “Røde Læber Skal Man Kysse”)  
  Steve Wright & The Catalinas  
LUMP IN MY THROAT Little Willie Littlefield (1951)
- M -     
MAINLINER Little Esther (1952)
MARGARITA  Guilherme Vergueiro (Instr.) (1998)
MESSAGE FROM GARCIA Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids (1974)
MOBY DICK Ian Whitcomb (1981)
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1986)
M.O.T.H.A.’S THEME Soundtrack, The Phynx (1970)
MY BLIND DATE Jaye P. Morgan (1958)
MY BOY JOHN Baby Jane & The Rockabyes (1962)
  Joey Dee  
MY CLAIRE DE LUNE Steve Lawrence (1961)
  Jay & the Americans  
  Anthony Newley  
- N -     
NEIGHBORHOOD Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello) Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997; 1999; 2002)
  Smokey Joe’s Cafe Cast Album (1995)
NIGHT BIRD Elkie Brooks (1977)
(Leiber, Stoller, Gage, York)    
NIGHT MARE Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton (1953)
NOSEY JOE Bull Moose Jackson (1952)
  Blue Rhythm Diplomats  
  Dana Gillespie  
  The Holiday Band  
  Cadillac Kolstad (2006)
  Chuck Murphy  
  Powerhouse with Tom Principato  
  Jim Preen  
  The Brian Setzer Orchestra  
  The Woodchoppers  
NUMERO UNO Mike Stoller & The Stoller System (1968)
ON BROADWAY The Drifters (1963)
(Leiber, Stoller, Mann, Weil) Ray Anthony  
  Jeff Beck & Paul Rodgers  
  George Benson  
  David Bowie  
  Ray Brown, Jr. (2005)
  Eric Carmen  
  The Coasters  
  Bobby Darin  
  Percy Faith  
  Hot Couture (as part of medley, “Broadway Ma Quale Idea”) (2008)
  Illinois Jacquet  
  The Jazz Crusaders  
  Johnny Keating (1965)
  The Lettermen  
  Clyde McPhatter  
  Mint Juleps (1992)
  Leo Night and the Moonlighters (2002)
  Tito Puente  
  Lou Rawls  
  Buddy Rich  
  Nancy Sinatra  
  Smokey Joe’s Cafe Cast Album  
  James Taylor (2008)
  Livingston Taylor  
  Neil Young  
ON THE HORIZON Ben E. King (1961)
  Elkie Brooks  
  Eric Burdon  
  Nevil Cameron (in Italian, as “Sull’Orizzonte”)  
  The Mark Leeman 5  
  Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four  
  The Syndicats (1965)
ON THE ROAD AGAIN Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello)    
ONE BAD STUD The Honey Bears (1954)
  The Blasters  
  Bill Culp (2004)
  Dragstrip 77  
  The HartAches (TV soundtrack, Shake, Rattle & Roll)  
  Kevin Mark (2007)
  Mint Juleps (1985)
  Nande & The Big Difference  
  Red Roosters  
ONE FINE GAL Jimmy Witherspoon (1953)
ONE KISS The Robins (1955)
ONE KISS LED TO ANOTHER The Coasters (1956)
  Delbert McClinton (1976)
ONLY IN AMERICA Jay & The Americans (1963)
(Leiber, Stoller, Mann, Weil) The Drifters (rec. 1963/rel. 1972)
OPEN FIRE, AN Johnny Mathis (1959)
OVER AND OVER Frankie Marshall (1956)
- P -     
PAPA DADDY Ruth Brown (1959)
(Leiber, Butler, Morton) Agnetha Fältskog (ex-ABBA)  
  Abby Travis  
PEARL’S A SINGER Dino & Sembello (1974)
(Leiber, Stoller, Dino, Sembello) Mary B & Paul Gallagher  
  Elkie Brooks (1976)
  Brenda Cochrane  
  Hollywood Session Singers  
  Viktor Lazlo  
  Wenche Myhre (aka Wencke Myhre)  
  Bernadette Peters  
  Pussycat, feat. Tony Willé  
  Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  The Tributes  
  Sylvia Vrethammar  
PERFECT WAVE, THE (aka THE WAVE) Mike Stoller & the Stoller System (1968)
PHANTASY FOR PHYNX Soundtrack, The Phynx (1970)
POISON IVY The Coasters (1959)
  The 5 Liverpools  
  Ac-Rock (2006)
  The Alley Cats  
  The Bouwman Brothers (as “Bella Rosa”)  
  The Catalinas  
  Chicos Aventura (in Spanish, as “La Hiedra Venenosa”)  
  The Dave Clark Five  
  David Clayton-Thomas (1969)
  Ray Columbus & The Invaders  
  The Cool Cats  
  The Delltones (1964)
  Discognosis (Rinder & Lewis) (1977)
  DJ Godfather  
  Herva Doce (in Portuguese, as “Erva Venenosa”) (1965)
  Eero Ja Jussi (in Finnish, as “Omppuviini”) (1980)
  The Elision Saxophone Quartet (2003)
  The Gateway Trio & The Gatewayettes  
  Ian Gillan & The Javelins  
  Golden Boys (in Portuguese, as “Erva Venenosa”)  
  Enrique Guzmán (in Spanish, as “La Hiedra Venenosa”)  
  Enrique Guzmán Y Grupo Nahuatl (in Spanish, as “La Hiedra Venenosa”) (1974)
  Happy Days: The Arena Mega Musical Original Cast  
  Herva Doce (in Portuguese, as “Erva Venenosa”) (1982)
  The Hollies  
  The Hoppettes  
  Jimie (aka Jimmie) Jay & The Moon-Reyes  
  Jelayiu (live DVD)  
  The Jeopards (2006)
  Die Kettels  
  The Kingsmen  
  The Kingtones (1980)
  The Lambrettas  
  Rita Lee (in Portuguese, as “Erva Venenosa”)  
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  Little Caesar & The Consuls (1965)
  The Lords  
  Baris Manço (in French, as “Quelle Peste!”)  
  Manfred Mann  
  Linda McCartney  
  Vince Melouney  
  Moogetmoogs (in Swedish, as “Myrkky Marja”)  
  The Nashville Allstars  
  Me’shell Ndegéocello (soundtrack, Batman & Robin)  
  The Nylons  
  Johnny Otis  
  The Paramounts (pre-Procol Harum)  
  The Pralins  
  The Puppets  
  Los Rebeldes del Rock (in Spanish, as “Hiedra Venenosa”)  
  The Re-Bops  
  The Red Lines (1959)
  Wilson Ricardo E Seus Dinamites (in English, but as “Erva Venenosa”)  
  Paul Rich (1959)
  Ricky & The Rockets with Sweet Power  
  Rocky Sharpe & The Razors  
  The Rolling Stones (two versions rec. 1963; first rel. 1964, second rel. 1972)
  The Romantics  
  Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Suited & Booted  
  Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (1964)
  Turner & Crowley ()
  The Ventures (instrumental)  
  The Vipers (2000)
  The Vulcanes  
  Jerry Williams  
  The Yankees  
  Young & Restless  
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
- Q -    
QUE PASA, MUCHACHA The Cheers with Les Baxter (1956)
- R -     
RAT RACE The Drifters (1963)
(Leiber, Stoller, McCoy) Eric Burdon  
  Dr. Feelgood  
  Normie Rowe (1966)
  Bette Midler  
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
REAL UGLY WOMAN Jimmy Witherspoon (1951)
RECKLESS Bob London (1955)
  Suzi Miller  
REVEREND MR. BLACK, THE The Kingston Trio (1963)
(Leiber, Stoller, Wheeler) Bill Anderson  
  Johnny Cash (1982)
  Bobby Darin  
  Lonnie Donegan  
  Tim Grimm  
  Sherwin & Pam Linton  
  Tex Ritter  
  John Stewart  
  The Sunshine Boys  
  Billy Edd Wheeler  
  Faron Young  
RIOT IN CELL BLOCK #9 The Robins (1954)
  The Allstars featuring Betty McQuade  
  The Beach Boys (also as “Student Demonstration Time” (1971))  
  The Blue Monday Band (2003)
  The Blues Brothers  
  Blues Company  
  Roger Chapman  
  Colin Cook (1968)
  Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen  
  Dr. Feelgood  
  Jennie Duff  
  Flat Duo Jets (1984)
  Wee Willie Harris  
  Hi Fi & The Roadburners  
  Houtkamp’s Pow3  
  Wanda Jackson (1961)
  Jussi & The Boys  
  Ray Liberto, Jr. (rec. 1960)
  Lips & The Trips  
  Little Diesel  
  Michel Pagliaro (in French, as “Emuete Dans La Prison”) (rec. 1975/rel. 1979?)
  Michael Paloma & His New York Blues Band  
  Ron and Joe and the Crew (1959)
  The Rumblers (aka Little Johnny & The Rumblers)  
  Mike Smith  
  Shakin’ Stevens (1981)
  Leslie West  
  Andre Williams  
  Johnny Winter  
  Vicki Young  
RUBY BABY The Drifters (1955)
  Richard Anthony  
  Band of Oz  
  Bill Baron  
  The Beach Boys  
  The Beatles (with Tony Sheridan)  
  Björk (with Trio Guðmundar Ingólfssonar)  
  Matt Bogart  
  Johnny Boni & Combo  
  Cody Brennan & The Temptations  
  Roy Buchanan  
  The Cavaliers  
  Ronn Clay  
  Billy “Crash” Craddock (1975)
  Bobby Crafford  
  Crosstowne (Christmas version, as “Rudy Rudy”)  
  Bobby Darin  
  The Dedications (as part of medley)  
  Larry Dexter  
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet (instrumental)  
  Dion (1962)
  Dion II  
  Ronnie Dove  
  Donald Fagen (1982)
  Frank Farian  
  Alexander Forrest  
  The Four Mints  
  Les Gamblers (in French) (1963)
  Golden Quarter  
  The Great Plains Band  
  Steve Grisaffe  
  Rockin’ Tommy Gunn & The 45s  
  Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks  
  Ian Kay & The Accents (2005)
  Peter Keane  
  Ben E. King (live DVD)  
  Dickey Lee  
  Jimmie Luke  
  Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge  
  Pake McEntire  
  The Nashville Allstars  
  The Night Shadows  
  The Nylons  
  Ol’ 55  
  Billy Porto  
  Miguel “Mike” Rios  
  Dick Rivers (in French) (1975)
  Charlie Robles  
  Tony Ronald  
  Bobby Rydell  
  Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels (in medley)  
  Claire Séverac (in French, as “Ruby”) (1982)
  Del Shannon  
  Billie Jo Spears (as “Danny”)  
  Shakin’ Stevens & The Sunsets  
  Satoru Shionoya  
  Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers (1963)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Terry & The Hot Sox  
  The Van-Dells  
  Bobby Vee  
  Gene Vincent  
  Lou Volpe (instrumental)  
  Jonathan Wilkes (live DVD)  
  Jerry Williams  
  Brian Wilson  
  John Woolley & Just Born (1970)
  Link Wray  
  Al Yankee & His Orchestra  
RUN RED RUN The Coasters (1959)
  D.C.’s Finest (aka Doo Wop Cops)  
  Fitzgerald & Beach (2006)
  Phil Harris  
  The Weekend Warriors  
  Barrence Whitfield with Tom Russell  
- S -    
SAMBA BEACH Guilherme Vergueiro (1998)
SANTA CLAUS IS BACK IN TOWN Elvis Presley (1957)
  .38 Special  
  A Christmas Survival Guide Original Cast  
  Automatic Slim & His Sensational Band  
  The Badloves (1996)
  The Blue Moon Boys  
  The Blue Tops  
  Jodie Borle (2007)
  Freddie Brown & Night Crow  
  Nappy Brown  
  Terry Buchwald  
  Jr. Cadillac  
  Canned Heat  
  Kenny Chesney  
  The Compulsions  
  Gene Davis  
  The Deluxtone Rockets  
  The Effengees  
  Evil Beaver  
  The Frantic Flintstones  
  The Geezinslaws  
  Tom Green (2003)
  Michael Hearne & Friends  
  Ingram Hill  
  Larry Hodges (2006)
  Bryan Hyland  
  Billy Idol  
  Wanda Jackson & The Continentals  
  The Jive Aces  
  Beau Kavanagh & The Broken Hearted (2004)
  Lee Kernaghan  
  Jonny Lang  
  Raul Malo  
  The Martini Bros.  
  Richard Marx  
  The Mavericks  
  My Morning Jacket  
  Orion (aka Jimmy Ellis) (1997)
  Steven Pitman  
  Poison Idea (1993)
  Amanda Powell & Patricia Wulf  
  Cam Ray  
  James Reyne (Australian Crawl)  
  Ryno Rockers  
  Santa & His Mighty Elves (Jimmy Curtiss and Tony Luizza)  
  Rick Saucedo (1998)
  The Brian Setzer Orchestra  
  Sixtine Group (2006)
  Preston Smith  
  Ray Smith  
  Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes  
  Bobby Solo  
  Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax  
  Ron Sunshine & Full Swing  
  Team Galaxy  
  Toini & The Tomcats  
  The Tractors  
  United States Navy Band  
  The Van-Dells  
  Mae West  
  Rusty Wier  
  Austin Willacy (2007)
  Trisha Yearwood  
  Dwight Yoakam  
SATURDAY NIGHT DADDY Little Esther & Bobby Nunn (1952)
SAVED LaVern Baker (1961)
  Steinar Albrigtsen & The Blue Cats  
  The Laurie Allen Revue (1967)
  The Band  
  Elkie Brooks  
  Sam Brown (live DVD)  
  The Chicago Loop  
  The Commitments  
  Dusty 45s  
  Felix & The Escorts (Felix Cavaliere) (as “Save”) (1962)
  Billy Fury  
  Eddie Haddad  
  Judy Henske  
  John Herald  
  Shirley King (1999)
  Brenda Lee  
  Peggy Lee (unissued)  
  Mama Lion  
  Elvis Presley (1968)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Southern Fried  
  Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1999)
  Wall Street Crash (1983)
  The Woggles (1997)
  The Young Rascals (see Felix & The Escorts)  
SAY IT Peggy Lee (1975)
SEARCHIN’ The Coasters (1957)
  The Ambassadors (1968)
  Skip Battin (1964)
  Bay City All Stars  
  The Beatles  
  Otis Blackwell  
  Bloodstone (as “Moulded Oldies,” medley with “Hound Dog”) (1974)
  The Bobs  
  Pat Boone  
  Jack Bradshaw  
  Ralph Brewster & The Toppers  
  Robert Soup Campbell (2007)
  Cannibal & The Headhunters  
  Ace Cannon (instrmental)  
  Cheech & Chong  
  Dave “Baby” Cortez (instrumental)  
  The Crickets (post-Buddy Holly)  
  Jim Croce (as part of “Chain Gang” medley)  
  The Spencer Davis Group  
  Dick Dale & The Delltones (as “Surfin’”) (1964)
  The Emperors (1967)
  Jack Eubanks & The Sound of the South  
  The Exceptions  
  Karen Fellows  
  Ronnie Hakwins & the Hawks  
  Tony Henry (1966)
  The Hollies  
  Ross Holmes unknown
  Wanda Jackson  
  Johnny & The Panty Raiders  
  The Joy Boys (1964)
  The Kingsmen  
  Legends Way (2003)
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  Buzzy Linhart  
  Little Caesar & The Romans  
  Steve Little (1966)
  The Lovin’ Spoonful (1965)
  Buddy Lucas (1957)
  Frankie Lymon  
  The Mauds  
  Merrymen With Boyz  
  The Mugwumps (pre-The Mamas & The Papas)  
  Maria Muldaur  
  Gram Parsons  
  Paul Revere & The Raiders  
  Billy Lee Riley  
  Johnny Rivers  
  Alvin Robinson  
  Dean Scott and the Deja Boomers (parody, as “Searchin’ For My Glasses”) (2006)
  Mumbles Scott & The Esquires  
  Sly & The Family Stone  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes  
  Edgar Winter  
  Steve Wright  
SHACK DADDY Betty Jean Morris (1955)
SHADOW KNOWS, THE The Coasters (1958)
  Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen  
SHAKE ’EM UP AND LET ’EM ROLL Earl Richard (1968)
  Kenny Ball  
  Bruce Nelson  
  Jerry Leiber & The Coasters  
SHE’S NOT YOU Elvis Presley (1962)
(Leiber, Stoller, Pomus) Pete Anderson  
  The Ballochmyle Band  
  Victor Blanco (in Spanish, as “Ella Es Así”)  
  Dr. Tom Butt  
  Les Carle  
  Bryan Davies  
  The Explosion Rockets (1997)
  The Flaming Stars (unknown)
  Foster & Allen  
  Fridtjof (aka Øivind Blunck) (in Norwegian, as “Hun Æ’kke Min”)  
  Tim Graves & Daryl Mosley (2004)
  Peter Hofmann (1992)
  Karbo Hydrate  
  George Killebrew  
  Liquorice John Death & The All-Stars (aka Procol Harum)  
  Ronnie McDowell  
  The Memorial Chorale & Symphonette  
  Morriston Choir  
  The Nashville Playboys  
  Luca Olivieri  
  Tony Pantano  
  Steven Pitman  
  Michael Rose  
  Ryno Rockers  
  Matthew Shiels  
  Ray Smith  
  Studio 99  
  Aaron Sutcliffe  
  The Gary Tesca Orchestra (instrumental)  
  TPH (2002)
  Vikingarna (in Swedish, as “Det Är Dig Jag Tänker På”) (1977)
SHOPPIN’ FOR CLOTHES The Coasters (1960)
(Leiber, Stoller, Harris) Jim Croce  
  Steve Gibbons (1977)
  Rickie Lee Jones  
  Liquorice John Death, aka Procol Harum (1970)
  Melody Four  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Snatch (1980)
  West Side Wayne & The Boulevard Band  
  Don Wise (2002)
SILVER SEA HORSE Mike Stoller & The Stoller System (1968)
(Stoller) Guilherme Vergueiro (as “The Seahorse”) (1998)
SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ The Robins (1955)
  Anders & Poncia  
  The Beach Boys  
  Dick Brave & The Backbeats  
  The Calvanes  
  The Coastline Band  
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet (instrumental)  
  Bunk Dogger  
  Buddy Holly  
  The Holy Modal Rounders  
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  The McCoys  
  Memphis Mill & The Feetwarmers (WB Sound 1645, Belgium)  
  The Reflections (c. 2008)
  Rockin’ Robin’s Rhythm Kings  
  Loudon Wainwright III  
SOME CATS KNOW Leslie Uggams (1968)
  Paula Alder  
  Jeanie Bryson  
  Marti Caine  
  Sharon Carroll & Amanda Matthews  
  Lori Carsillo  
  Julie Cascioppo (2000)
  Mary Foster Conklin  
  Mary Coughlan (2008)
  Connie Evingson  
  Erna Ferry with The Rodger Fox Band (2000)
  Amos Garrett  
  Lee Gibson  
  Mary Ann Hurst  
  Bonnie Langford  
  Peggy Lee (1975)
  Claire Martin  
  Liza Minnelli  
  Maria Muldaur  
  Esther Phillips  
  Trudy Richards & Dave McKenna  
  Rory (aka Rose Ranucci) (2007)
  Marcia Rutledge  
  Irene S. and Berndt Luef Trio (1992)
  Helen Schneider  
  The Scorpions (1965)
  Dana Sedgwick  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast (Brenda Braxton)  
  Melanie Stace  
  Leslie Uggams  
  Paula West  
SOME OTHER GUY Richie Barrett (1962)
(Leiber, Stoller, Barrett) The Beatcombers  
  The Beatles  
  The Pete Best Combo  
  Pete Briggs & The Vikings (1966)
  The Big Three  
  Alan Clayson  
  Terry Dee & The Roadrunners  
  Dave Edmunds  
  Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders  
  Freddie & The Dreamers  
  German Bonds  
  The Hentchmen  
  Steve Hooker & Wilko Johnson  
  The Kaisers (1993)
  Johnny Kidd & The Pirates  
  The Milkshakes  
  The Riptides  
  The Scorpions (Anglo-Dutch’60s pop, not German ‘80s metal)  
  The Searchers  
  The Stray Cats (1974)
  Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs (1965)
  Elton Anderson  
  Lonnie Donegan (1960)
SOUL PAD The Coasters (1968)
SPANISH HARLEM Ben E. King (1960)
(Leiber, Spector) Johnny Adams  
  Ronnie Aldrich  
  Arthur Alexander (1968)
  Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (instrumental)  
  Ray Anthony (1967)
  Anthony Arizaga (instrumental)  
  Tom Astor (in German)  
  Chet Atkins (instrumental)  
  Ricky B (instrumental) (2005)
  Amanda Baker  
  Long John Baldry  
  Greg Barrett  
  John Barry (instrumental)  
  BBC All Stars  
  Val Bennett (instrumental)  
  Spragga Benz w/Ben E. King  
  Susan & Denny Berthiaume  
  Acker Bilk (instrumental)  
  Joe Bourne & The Step In Time Orchestra & Singers  
  Bowling For Soup  
  Dennis Brown  
  Michael Burton (instrumental)  
  Sam Butera & The Witnesses (instrumental)  
  Michael Camacho (2006)
  The Cambridge Circus (instrumental)  
  Ace Cannon (instrumental)  
  Caribbean Steel (instrumental)  
  The Carnival Street Drum Band (instrumental)  
  Vikki Carr  
  Johnny Cash  
  The Challengers  
  The Checkmates, Ltd.  
  Richie Cole (instrumental)  
  Dorothy Cowfield  
  The Crusaders (instrumental) (1972)
  King Curtis (instrumental)  
  Jorge Dalto (instrumental)  
  Willy DeVille  
  Neil Diamond  
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet (instrumental)  
  DJ I-Cue  
  Jackie Edwards  
  Buddy Emmons (instrumental)  
  Ex-Checkers (1965)
  Percy Faith (instrumental)  
  Freddy Fender  
  Bruce Foulke & Howard Kleinfeld (instrumental)  
  Aretha Franklin (1971)
  Edward Gerhard (instrumental)  
  Leroy Gomez  
  Rudy Grant  
  Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier  
  The Harlem Experiment  
  Gene Harris (instrumental)  
  Jet Harris  
  Engelbert Humperdinck  
  Bobbi Humphrey (instrumental)  
  Cornell Hurd  
  Jay & The Americans  
  Jesse Lee Johnson (instrumental)  
  Tom Jones  
  Jimmy Justice  
  Johnny Keating (1965) (also “On Broadway”)
  TK Kellman (instrumental)  
  Phil Kelsall (instrumental)  
  The Anita Kerr Orchestra (instrumental) (1966)
  Ricky King (instrumental)  
  Sneaky Pete Kleinow (instrumental)  
  Larry & The Handjive  
  Lasimmo (2007)
  James Last  
  Tommy Leonetti  
  Dave Lewis (instrumental)  
  Trini Lopez  
  Greg Lowe & Jack Semple  
  The Mamas & The Papas  
  Manuel & His Music Of The Mountains (instrumental)  
  The Marcels  
  The Mariachi Brass (instrumental)  
  The Gino Marinello Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Ricky May with the Latin Quarter Discotheque Combo (1965)
  Gene McDaniels  
  Paul McDermand (instrumental)  
  Clyde McPhatter  
  Tony Mottola (instrumental)  
  Mpanist (instrumental)  
  Willie Murphy  
  Nine Below Zero (instrumental)  
  Rab Noakes  
  Laura Nyro with LaBelle  
  Orchestra Del Oro (1962)
  Tony Orlando & Dawn  
  Norrie Paramor (instrumental)  
  Carl Perkins & The Tennessee Three (instrumental)  
  Sid Phillips & Band  
  Rebecca Pidgeon  
  Wyckham Porteous (2007)
  Bernard “Pretty” Purdie  
  Boots Randolph (instrumental)  
  Kenny Rankin  
  The Rattles  
  The Revelations  
  Cliff Richard & The Shadows w/Norris Paramor & His Orchestra  
  Curtis Robinson (instrumental) (2005)
  Marv Robinson (2003)
  Rock Circus  
  Billy Joe Royal  
  Run C&W  
  Leon Russell  
  Arja Saijonmaa (in Finnish, as “Guatemala”)  
  The Sands Of Time  
  Salsa Rosso (instrumental)  
  Santo & Johnny (instrumental)  
  David Schnaufer (instrumental)  
  Janet Seidel  
  Dev Singh  
  Slim Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Sounds Incorporated (instrumental)  
  Spragga Benz with Ben E. King  
  Sten & Stanley (in Swedish, as “Någonstans I Spanien”)  
  Sonny Stitt  
  Karu Tapio (in Finnish, as “On Yksi Ruusu”)  
  Pete Tex (instrumental)  
  Franz Thon and his NDR Big Band  
  Tokyo Mondo Brothers  
  The Trini-Dads (instrumental)  
  Trinidad Oil Company Steelband (1977)
  Frankie Valli  
  Bobby Vee  
  Glenn Walters  
  Andy Williams  
  Jerry Williams  
  Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs  
  Delroy Wilson  
  Kai Winding (instrumental)  
  Tatsuro Yamashita (2001)
SQUEEZE ME Milt Trenier (1953)
STAND BY ME Ben E. King (1961)
(Leiber, Stoller, King) 1487  
  4 The Cause  
  The 82nd Airborne All-American Chorus  
  Rick Acocella  
  Priscilla Acuna  
  Johnny Adams  
  After The Fire  
  The Alley Cats  
  The Amazing Delores  
  Kyle Anderson’s Amazing Rubber Band  
  Apocalypse Hoboken  
  The Applejacks  
  Jann Arden (2000)
  Rosy Armen (in French, as “Tu Croiras”)  
  Arnie & Bert (aka Die Original Deutschmacher) (in German, as “Steh’ Bei Mir”)  
  Austin (in English with Spanish rap)  
  Gus Backus  
  Hank Ballard & The Midnighters  
  Band of Angels  
  Banda Osiris (in Latin)  
  Harold Batters (instrumental)  
  Orchester Otti Bauer (as part of medley)  
  Marla BB  
  BB Band  
  The Beatles (bootleg, unissued studio)  
  Kay Bell  
  Beth (2003)
  Harold Betters  
  Big Al  
  Big Mountain  
  Big River Cree (Native American chant) (2006)
  Big Stuf  
  Bikini (in French, as “Reste”)  
  Jimmy Carl Black (2008)
  The Blenders  
  The Blue Diamonds  
  Blue Soul  
  Marc Bolan & T. Rex  
  Bolivar & Connection  
  The Bonne Villes  
  Joey Bradley With Roots Radix  
  Arthur Brown  
  Movin’ Melvin Brown  
  Ray Brown, Jr. (2005)
  Rick Brown  
  Bunny Rugs  
  Will Burnett Orchestra  
  The California Raisins  
  Captain Cardiac & The Coronaries  
  Teresa Carpio  
  Crystal Cartier  
  Adriano Celentano (in Italian, as “Pregherò”)  
  Andrew Chae (instrumental)  
  The Chandeliers  
  Gene Chandler  
  Tracy Chapman  
  Chelle (1997)
  The Chosen Few  
  Gene Clark  
  Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali)  
  The Coats  
  Rose Marya Colin  
  Johnny Colon & His Orchestra  
  Ry Cooder  
  The Cool Cats  
  The Countdown Singers  
  Hank Crawford (instrumental)  
  Sneaky Creekans  
  Pep Cubata (instrumental)  
  Lee Curtis & The All-Stars  
  DJ Dave  
  Dalida (in French, as “Tu Croiras”)  
  David & The High Spirit  
  Alden David (instrumental)  
  Deas Guyz  
  Willy DeVille  
  The Frank DiBussolo Quartet (instrumental)  
  Dion DiMucci  
  D’NASH (2007)
  Carl Doy  
  The Drifters  
  Phil Driscoll  
  The Ducky Boys (2005)
  Dyango (as Rogaré (Pregero))  
  Deric Dyer (instrumental)  
  Tommy Eden  
  Calvin Edwards (instrumental)  
  Roky Erickson & The Aliens  
  Faith Of Love  
  Faith SFX  
  The Fantastic Johnny C.  
  Chris Farlowe  
  Feels Like Home  
  Narvel Felts  
  The Five Sharks  
  Paal Flaata  
  For You  
  Max Fortuna  
  Fourteen Karat Soul  
  Ga (instrumental)  
  Ray Garnett  
  Generation Love  
  Geo Geovanny  
  Mickey Gilley (1980)
  Charles & Sandy Givings  
  Gonzo 48k  
  Earl Grant (instrumental)  
  Al Green  
  Grace Griffith  
  Hallelujah Hop  
  The Hampton String Quartet  
  David Hanselmann (1991)
  Happy Days: The Arena Mega Musical Original Cast  
  Harbor Lights  
  LaVon Hardison  
  Wilbert Harrison  
  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins  
  André Hazes  
  Jimi Hendrix  
  The Hit Crew  
  The Hi-Town DJs  
  Hollywood Blvd.  
  Ross Holmes unknown
  The Hoppettes  
  Leon Hughes and The Coasters  
  Engelbert Humperdinck  
  Bobby Hutcherson  
  Gary Imhoff  
  Irie, feat. Jimmy Dale  
  Tippa Irie  
  It’s M.E. (2003)
  Jackie Ivory  
  Chuck Jackson  
  Jago (1993)
  The Jam (see Paul Weller)  
  Jam Tronik (1992)
  Jay & The Americans  
  Jay-Ray & Gee with Friends  
  Damita Jo  
  Joey & The Prophets  
  Lou Bell Johnson  
  L. V. Johnson (1986)
  Sonny Johnson  
  Syl Johnson  
  Joquan Da Hooligan  
  Flemming Bamse Jørgensen  
  Ka’au Crater Boys  
  Kalles Kaviar  
  Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors  
  Vivian Vance Kelly  
  Jerry Kennedy (1963)
  Eddie Kidd (1978)
  Kidz Bop Kids  
  King Junior  
  B. B. King  
  Ben E. King, Jr.  
  Stephen King  
  The Kingsmen  
  Happy Kreter  
  Last In Line  
  Teo Lavanga  
  Fausto Leali (in Italian, as “Pregherò”)  
  Led Zeppelin (live bootleg)  
  Scooter Lee  
  Legends Way (2003)
  Legião Urbana (in medley with “Pais e Filhos”) (1989)
  Lemon Ice  
  John Lennon (1975)
  Julian Lennon  
  Robert “The Juice” Lenoir  
  Barbara Lewis  
  Billy Lewis’ Nu Drifters  
  Little Eva (1965)
  Little Milton  
  The Lollies  
  The Lords  
  François Lubiana (in French, as “Vienne La Nuit”)  
  Kenny Lynch  
  The Bill Lyerly Band  
  The MacDonald Bros.  
  Lonnie Mack (instrumental) (196?)
  Mellow Magic (instrumental)  
  Taj MahaB  
  Major Tom And the Wavers (in German and English, as “Bleib Bei Mir”) unknown
  Ryan Malcolm  
  Eric Marienthal (instrumental)  
  The Gino Marinello Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Gregg Martinez  
  Dave Mason  
  Bob McHugh and Ron Naspo (instrumental)  
  Meat Loaf (1984)
  Metis (2007)
  Sylvia Millecam (as “Blijf Bij Mij”)  
  Hazel Miller  
  Mecky Miller Und Die Perrys (in German, as “Komm Zu Mir”)  
  Amedeo Minghi  
  Mint Juleps (1985)
  The Missing Links  
  The Moods Unlimited Orchestra  
  Red Moore (aka Magic Flute) (instrumental, as “Vienne La Nuit”)  
  Derrick Morgan  
  Chris D. Morton (2004)
  M. P. B. Band  
  Anita Mui (in Chinese)  
  Mumtaz Mahal (1995)
  The Muses  
  The Music Makers  
  Gene Nery  
  Aaron Neville  
  The Newtown Neurotics  
  The Nexus Quartet  
  Roberto Olea  
  Orquesta Mondragon  
  Johnny Otis  
  P.K. (2007)
  May Palmer  
  Little Junior Parker  
  Nathan Parker (instrumental)  
  The Party Knights  
  Wayne Pascall  
  Rita Pavone (in Italian, as “Stai Con Me”)  
  Joey Pearson  
  Pennywise (1989)
  Pousette-Dart Band  
  Brendan Power  
  Sam Price  
  Betty Pride  
  Bernard “Pretty” Purdie  
  Sir Walter Raleigh  
  Rubén Ramos  
  Ranking Devon  
  Larry Ray  
  Bertice Reading  
  Otis Redding  
  The ReOrders  
  The Reynolds Brothers  
  Turley Richards  
  Sonny Rodgers  
  Demis Roussos  
  Billy Joe Royal  
  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Hilton Ruiz (instrumental)  
  Jimmy & David Ruffin (1970)
  Otis Rush (1986)
  Saez (as part of medley)  
  St. Lawrence University Sinners  
  Sam The Sham  
  Santiago J. (instrumental)  
  Cleo Sax (instrumental)  
  Die Schlümpfe (The Smurfs) (in German, as “Bleibt Bei Mir”)  
  The Scorpions (Anglo-Dutch ‘60s pop, not German ‘80s metal)  
  Shirley Scott  
  The Searchers  
  Margie Segers  
  DJ Shah  
  Don Shirley (instrumental)  
  Silucian Town  
  Andrew Sixty, Joe Yellow, Sonia Davis & Tom Tom  
  Skeletal Family (c.1984)  
  John Skinner  
  Michael Skinner  
  Sky Sounds Orchestra (instrumental)  
  Brian Smith  
  Gary Smith, Jeff Pine, and Susan Rowland  
  Johnny “Hammond” Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  William So (in Chinese)  
  Sonny & Cher  
  Junior Soul  
  Soul Bros.  
  Southern Fried  
  Special Feature  
  Brian Springstill (instrumental)  
  Felicia Starks  
  The Starlite Orchestra & Singers  
  Marrk Stein  
  Randy Stonehill  
  Hugo Strasser  
  Nolan Struck (2006)
  Robert Symons (instrumental)  
  The Texas Twister  
  Gerry Thompson  
  Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs (1965)
  Tischmusik (instrumental)  
  The Tones (2005)
  Torvill & Dean  
  Hupikék Törpikék (The Smurfs) (as “Aprajafalva”)  
  Toxic Audio  
  Tribute Allstars  
  The Trinity Singers  
  The Trojans  
  The Truants  
  Ike & Tina Turner  
  Spyder Turner (1967) (new version 2006)
  Turtle Creek Chorale  
  U2 (also w/Bruce Springsteen) (live)  
  Jeff Valdez  
  Le Valedon (instrumental)  
  Gary Valenciano  
  Valentino (1992)
  Earl Van Dyke  
  Piet Veerman  
  The Ventures (instrumental)  
  Gene Vincent  
  The Vitamin String Quartet (instrumental)  
  Chris Wabich (instrumental)  
  The Walker Brothers  
  Glenn Walters  
  Matthew Wan (instrumental)  
  Kim Waters (instrumental)  
  The Wedding Singers  
  Alan Weeks and Mike Romeling  
  Freddy Weller  
  Paul Weller (1997)
  Maurice White (1985)
  Jackie Wilson  
  Wind (in German, as “Bleib Bei Mir”)  
  Bobby Womack  
  Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires  
  Tatsuro Yamashita  
  The Bobby Young Project  
  Barbra Zinger  
  西脇睦宏 (music box instrumental)  
STAY A WHILE The Clovers (1959)
  Joan Baxter (1964)
  Taye Diggs & Jane Krakowski (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (2001)
  Billy Hancock  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
STEADFAST, LOYAL AND TRUE Elvis Presley (1958)
STEWBALL The Coasters (1960)
STRAWBERRY STOMP Gil Bernal (1954)
STREET LIGHTS Little Esther (1953)
STRIKE A MATCH Garland The Great (1955)
  Josh Alan Band  
STRIKING ON YOU, BABY Little Willie Littlefield (1952)
  T-Bone Walker  
STYLE IS COMING BACK IN STYLE John Pizzarelli (1994)
SUZANNE, YOU CAN Nino Tempo (Instr.) (1993)
  Guilherme Vergueiro (Instr.) (1998)
SWEET DREAMS The Crescendos (1956)
- T -     
TAKE IT LIKE A MAN Gene Pitney (1962)
  Walker Bros.  
TAKE MY LOVE Mabel Scott (1953)
TALKIN’ ’BOUT A WOMAN The Coasters (1972)
TANGO Peggy Lee (1975)
  Mary Coughlan (2008)
  Diana Markovitz  
  Joan Morris & William Bolcom (1978)
TANGO DEL FUEGO Soundtrack, The Tempest (1982)
TEACH ME HOW TO SHIMMY The Isley Bros. (1961)
  Les Calamités  
  The Coasters  
  Smokey Joe’s CaféOriginal Cast  
  Jerry Williams  
TEARS OF JOY Linda Hopkins (1953)
  It’s M.E. (2008)
  Etta James (1956)
  The Janiva Magness Band (1999)
  Bertice Reading  
TELL ME MORE Jaye P. Morgan (1958)
TEN DAYS IN JAIL The Robins (1953)
THAT IS ROCK & ROLL The Coasters (1959)
  The Allstars  
  Bill Baker’s Satins (Rec. ????/rel. 1995)
  Porky Chedwick  
  The Chesterfields (soundtrack, American Hot Wax)  
  The Crawdaddys  
  King Curtis (instrumental)  
  Jay & The Americans (1963)
  Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes  
  Tony Orlando  
  The Rattles  
  Vonda Shepard (soundtrack, Ally McBeal) (1997)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  The Smugglers  
  Edwin Starr (live DVD)  
  Shakin’ Stevens & The Sunsets  
  Sylvester & The Hot Band  
  Whistle Bait (2005)
  Ian Whitcomb  
THAT’S WHAT THE GOOD BOOK SAYS Bobby Nunn & The Robbins [sic] (1951)
THEME FOR ANNA, A Nino Tempo (1993)
 (Stoller) Guilherme Vergueiro  
THERE GOES MY BABY The Drifters (1959)
(Leiber, Stoller, Nelson, Patterson, Treadwell) Bobby Angelle  
  The Chandeliers  
  The Chessmen  
  Joe Cocker  
  The Countdown Singers  
  John Darnall (instrumental)  
  The Dovells  
  Four On The Floor  
  Keith Frank  
  Marvin Gaye (1968)
  The Husbands  
  Jay & The Americans  
  James Knight & The Butlers (1969)
  Garnet Mimms  
  Jackie Payne (as part of Drifters medley)  
  Power Music (workout remix)  
  Boots Randolph (instrumental)  
  Otis Redding  
  Diana Ross  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Sparklets (1961)
  The Styles  
  Donna Summer (1984)
  The Walker Brothers  
  The Walkmen  
  Marva Wright & The BMWs (as part of medley w/”Stand By Me,” etc.)  
THEY SAY THAT YOU’RE MAD The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
THIS AND ONLY THIS Tommy Hunt (1962)
THREE COOL CATS The Coasters (1959)
  The’s (as “Three Cool Chicks”)  
  Richard Anthony (in French, as “Nouvelle Vague”)  
  The Basics  
  The Beatles  
  The Cat Pack  
  Ry Cooder  
  The Ferris Wheel  
  Donna Geddes (2007)
  The Jailbirds  
  Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance  
  Casey MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio (2008)
  The Nocturnes  
  The Suicide Commandos  
  Terry, Blair & Anouchka (as  “Three Cool Catz”)  
  Three Cool Cats  
  Young & Restless (as “3 Kool Kats”)  
THREE CORN PATCHES T-Bone Walker (1973)
  Elvis Presley (1973)
THREE TIME LOSER Linda Hopkins (1953)
THUMBIN’ A RIDE The Coasters (1961)
  Jackie Lomax  
(Leiber, Wheeler) Country Joe McDonald  
TOO BAD SWEET MAMA Sam “Highpockets” Henderson (Shorty Rogers) (1954)
(Leiber, Stoller, Henderson) Vocal: Billy Black (Jerry Leiber)  
TOO MUCH JELLY ROLL Little Brother Brown (1951)
  Floyd Dixon  
TOUCH OF HEAVEN, A Mister Ruffin (1955)
  Dick Lee  
TREAT ME NICE Elvis Presley (1957)
  Sammy Atchison  
  Los Blue Caps (in Spanish, as “Trátame Bien”)  
  Chas & Dave  
  Los Crazy Boys (in Spanish, as “Trátame Bien”)  
  Oliver Darley (live DVD)  
  Done Again  
  Chris Evans (in French, as “Fais Moi Peur”)  
  Shaky Everett (2001)
  The Explosion Rockets (2001)
  Gerd Fitz (in German, as “Mach’ Dich Schön”)  
  Jack Gillen  
  Glen Glenn  
  Golden Ring  
  The Grassmasters (instrumental) (2006)
  Tom Green (2007)
  Linda Hall with Dave Kennedy & The Ambassadors  
  The Hot Shots  
  Tommy James & The Shondells  
  Jussi & The Boys (in Finnish, as “Kunnolla”)  
  Peter Kraus und die Rockies (in German, as “Mach’ Dich Schön”)  
  Lalo (2003)
  The London Festival Orchestra (cond. Werner Müller) (1977)
  Louis Lorenzo Mit Seinem Tanzorchester, feat. Mario Tuala  
   (in German, as “Mach’ Dich Schön”)  
  The Loving Kind  
  Ronnie McDowell  
  Luis Miguel  
  Earl Robbins  
  Carla Rugg  
  Tony Sarnich  
  The Shadows  
  Mack Allen Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  The Sun Gods  
  Conway Twitty  
TREE STUMP JUMP Garland the Great (1955)
(Leiber, Stoller, Emanuel)    
TRICKY DICKY Richie Barrett (1962)
The Searchers    
TRIP WITH ME Nancy Wilson (1970)
  The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
TROUBLE Elvis Presley (1958)
  John Altman (live DVD)  
  Marla BB  
  Boppin’ B  
  Burt Blanca  
  Trent Carlini (as part of Elvis medley incl. Hound Dog) (1997)
  Colin Cook & The Strangers (1963)
  Darts (as part of medley)  
  Jackie DeShannon  
  Jim Dilley (as part of medley w/”Hound Dog,” etc.) (2004)
  Dirty Bird & The Riversiders  
  Lisa Dominique (1989)
  Jimmy Ellis (aka Orion) (live 7/5/86) (2007)
  Emile Ford & The Checkmates  
  Terry Garland (1992)
  Jesse Garon (1995)
  Gutter Demons (2003)
  Johnny Hallyday (in French, as “La Bagarre”)  
  Happy Days: The Arena Mega Musical Original Cast  
  Kingsize (2008)
  Pete Lancaster  
  Amanda Lear (in French, as “La Bagarre”)  
  The Osmonds  
  Johnny Powers  
  Suzi Quatro  
  Rancid Vat  
  Rick Saucedo (as part of Elvis medley) (2007)
  Sigue Sigue Sputnik  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  The Swing Rayes  
  Vince Taylor (1965)
  The Terry Girls (1963) ?
  Warren Zevon (1988)
TURN THE LAMPS DOWN LOW Little Esther & Little Willie Littlefield (1953)
  Red Peters with Big Boy Bloater (2000)
TURTLE DOVIN’ The Coasters (1955)
- W -    
WAILIN’ DADDY Mabel Scott (1953)
  The Johnny Nocturne Band  
WELL, I’M DANCIN’ O.C. Smith (1960)
WHADAYA WANT The Cheers (1954)
  Jack Cardwell  
  The Charms (1955)
  Buster Poindexter  
  The Robins (1955)
WHAT ABOUT ME Larry Evans (1956)
WHAT ABOUT US The Coasters (1959)
  Steven Carter (1959)
  Jenny Darren  
  Decameron (aka, “The Magnificent Mercury Brothers”) (1975)
  The Rebel  
  The Undertakers (aka The ‘Takers)  
WHAT IS YOUR SIGN? The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
WHAT TO DO WITH LAURIE Mike Clifford (1962)
 (Leiber, Stoller, Wheeler)    
WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME & YOU Babs Tino (1961)
(Leiber, Stoller, Gluck, Goldstein)    
MY BABY COMES TO ME The Coasters (1957)
  The Chicago Loop  
  Filé Gumbo (2003)
  Franklin, Harpe & Usilton  
  Delbert McClinton (1976)
  John Rogers  
  Tom Rush  
  Little Toby Walker  
WHEN WE’RE DANCING Guilherme Vergueiro (Instr.) (1998)
WHERE’S THE GIRL Jerry Butler (1964)
  Dorsey Burnette  
  Buddy Greco  
  Jay & The Americans  
  Ben E. King  
THE WHIP Gil Bernal (1954)
(Leiber, Stoller, Bernal)    
WHIPPER SNAPPER LaVern Baker (1958)
  Miriam Cutler & Swingstreet  
  The Donettes  
(Jerry Leiber)    
WHOA! The Honey Bears (1955)
WHY OH WHY Frankie Marshall (1956)
(Leiber, Stoller, Marshall)    
WILL YOU LOVE ME STILL June Valli (1957)
  Dion & the Belmonts  
WOMEN, WOMEN Amos Milburn (1951)
WRAP IT UP The Robins (1954)
WRITE TO ME The Isley Bros. (1961)
(Leiber, Stoller, Isley)    
- Y -    
YAKETY YAK The Coasters (1958)
  2 Live Crew  
  Au Bonheur Des Dames (in French)  
  Frankie Avalon  
  Bad Manners (soundtrack for Party Party)  
  Chas & Dave  
  The Chevrons (as part of medley)  
  The Countdown Singers  
  Desmond Dekker  
  Gérard Deslauriers (in French)  
  Destrampados (in Spanish)  
  The Diamonds  
  Dillard Hartford Dillard (1980)
  Jeff W. Dixon & Alton Ellis  
  Donald Duck (as “Quackety Quack”)  
  El Coco (1975)
  David Ellin (as “Quackety Quack”)  
  Mark Foggo’s Skasters  
  The Fourmost  
  The Gaylords (in Italian) (1961)
  Gene and Jeanne (1965)
  The Glaser Brothers (aka Tompall & The Glasers)  
  Bobby Hachey (instrumental)  
  Hector (in Finnish, as “Takataan Roos”) (1974)
  Chris Hill (1975)
  The Hit Crew  
  Les Hit Paraders  
  The Hollywood Argyles  
  Buck Howdy with BB  
  Ice 9  
  Wanda Jackson  
  Les Jérolas (in French, as “Yakety Yak (Rouspet’ Pas)”)  
  Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers (in medley)  
  Esteban “Steve” Jordan (in Spanish)  
  The Lazy Cowgirls  
  The Leiber-Stoller Big Band  
  Me and You  
  The Muppets  
  The Neighbor Kids  
  Sandy Nelson (instrumental) (1964)
  Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen  
  Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters  
  Phantom Planet (soundtrack for Mumford)  
  The Pipkins (1970)
  Plavci (in Czech) (1981)
  Brian Poole & The Tremeloes  
  The Poor Crowns with Ed Cee and Orchestra (1958)
  The Pretzels  
  Boots Randolph  
  Los Rebeldes del Rock (in Spanish)  
  The Re-Bops  
  Red Sauce  
  The Ribitones (medley w/”Charlie Brown”) (c.1980)
  Paul Rich (1958)
  Ricky & The Rockets with Sweet Power  
  The Root Bootleg Band  
  John Ruskan  
  The Ruthless Rap Assassins  
  Sam the Sham  
  Billy Sanders (in German, as “Jackety Jack”)  
  DJ Schwede  
  Sha Na Na  
  Paul Smith (1965)
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Ray Stevens  
  Shakin’ Stevens  
  Tiny Toons  
  The Tornadoes  
  Truck Stop (1978)
  Joe Turner  
  Eric Weisberg & Deliverance  
  West Road Blues Band (2007)
  Steve Wingfield (instrumental) (2001)
  The Yaks (1965)
YEAH, YEAH, YEAH Joe Liggins (1954)
  The Roadrunners (1999)
YES Ben E. King (1962)
  Jay & the Americans  
YOU CAN’T LOVE ’EM ALL Solomon Burke (1964)
(Leiber, Stoller, Russell, Nugetre) The Drifters  
  The Cats  
  The Richard Wright Group (1966)
YOU DID SOMETHING FOR ME Elkie Brooks (1977)
YOU KNOW THE FEELING The Phynx (soundtrack, The Phynx) (1970)
YOU LAUGH Jack Jones (1958)
YOU STILL LOVE HIM Roy Hamilton (1962)
(Leiber, Stoller, McCoy) John Rowles (1966)
YOU TOOK MY LOVE TOO FAST Little Esther & Bobby Nunn (1953)
(Stoller, Darnell)    
YOU’LL BE THERE Clyde McPhatter (1957)
(Leiber, Stoller, Relf)    
YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE HIM The Isley Bros. (1963)
(Stoller, Russell) Johnny B. Great (aka John Goodison of Brotherhood of Man)  
  Lulu (as “You’ll Never Leave Her”)  
  Freddie Scott  
  Annette Steele (as “You’ll Never Leave Her”) (1967)
YOUNG AND IN LOVE Tony Travis (1957)
  Tony Castle (1958)
YOUNG BLOOD The Coasters (1957)
(Leiber, Stoller, Pomus) Bad Company (1976)
  The Band  
  The Beatcombers  
  The Beatles  
  Robert Soup Campbell  
  Paul Carrack (live DVD)  
  The Coastline Band  
  The Comic Books (1967)
  Bunk Dogger  
  The John Dummer Blues Band  
  Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids  
  Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders  
  Rockin’ Tommy Gunn & The 45s  
  The Hoppettes  
  Garth & Maud Hudson  
  Danny King  
  Ed Lambert & Carol Gaylor  
  Jerry Lee Lewis  
  Les Play Boys (in French, as “Quelle Môme”)  
  Living Earth  
  The Mighty Echoes  
  The Other Side  
  The Righteous Brothers  
  Leon Russell  
  Dean Scott and the Deja Boomers (parody, as “Old Blood”) (2006)
  Shoe Suede Blues  
  John Shuttleworth (ex-Kursaal Flyers)  
  Huey “Piano” Smith  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  Bob Weir (as Bobby & The Midnites)  
  Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs  
  Bruce Willis  
  Carl Wilson  
  Steve Wingfield (instrumental) (2001)
  Zydeco Party Band  
YOUR OLD LADY The Isley Bros. (1961)
(Leiber, Stoller, Isley, Curtis) The Chambers Brothers (1965)
  David Lindley (1981)
  The Steve Miller Band (1968)
YOU’RE KILLING ME Milt Trenier (1953)
(YOU’RE SO SQUARE) BABY, I DON’T CARE Elvis Presley (1957)
  Jimmy Angel  
  Bad Boys  
  Mike Berry  
  Johnny Chester & His Chessmen (1964)
  Beccy Cole  
  Wes Dakus & The Rebels  
  Done Again  
  Bryan Ferry (1973)
  Joey Figgiani & The Jordanaires  
  Bobby Fuller Four  
  Glen Glenn  
  The Glitter Band  
  Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding  
  Tom Green  
  Johnny Hallyday (in French, as “Sentimentale”) (2004)
  Mike Henderson  
  Pete Hodgson & The Fireballs  
  Buddy Holly  
  Bill Hurley  
  Brian Kerins  
  Albert Lee (live DVD)  
  Max K. Lipscomb (aka Scotty McKay) with the Bobby Rambeau Orchestra  
  Los Locos Del Ritmo (in Spanish, as “Nena No Me Importa”) (1959)
  Don McLean (1983)
  Eddy Mitchell (in French, as “Sentimentale”) (1963)
  Joni Mitchell (1982)
  Scotty Moore  
  Ricky Norton (1996)
  Brendan O’Brien  
  The Pickwick Papers  
  Barry Pilkington (c. 1960)
  The Primitives  
  The Professionals (ex-Sex Pistols)  
  Cliff Richard (1959)
  Dick Rivers (1972)
  The Roulettes (aka The DeKroo Brothers) (rec. 1959/Rel. 198?)
  Rodney Scott  
  Raul Seixas (as part of medley) (1977)
  Brian Setzer  
  Paul Stefen & The Royal Lancers  
  Shakin’ Stevens  
  Solex (CD Single, from John Peel Show 6/9/1998)  
  Los Super Secos (in Spanish, as “Nena No Me Importa”) (1964)
  Billy Swan  
  Tommy Truesdale  
  Bobby Vee  
  The White Lines  
  The Wild Angels  
YOU’RE THE BOSS LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks (1961)
  Marti Brom  
  George Gee & The Jump, Jive & Wailers  
  Ib Glindemann  
  B.B. King & Ruth Brown  
  Les Kili-Cats (in French, as “Oui Patron”) (unknown)
  Michèle-Barbara Pelletier & Frédéric Pierre (TV soundtrack for Music Hall)  
  Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret (1963)
  The Priestess & The Fool  
  “Big” John Sterling Ruth & Susan Trexler  
  Brian Setzer Orchestra with Gwen Stefani  
  Smokey Joe’s Café Original Cast  
  The Swing Set (instrumental)  
  Christiane Weber & Timm Beckmann  
  Anke Zillich, Günter Alt (live only?)